Saturday, April 28, 2007

Friend friends!! (24 weeks)

Me me is almost 24 weeks ok ok?

Weight at 24 weeks: 42 lbs

Mummy took Sunshade and ME ME to a new park park today. I saw saw so many friend friends. Everybody came came to see see me, so I was a little scare scared at first, so I said said Jaffaman is only young young be nice nice to me ok ok?

My BIG sister Sunshade was there to look after me. I was safe safe.

(mum: Sunshade saw Jaffa was a little un-sure at first, his tail was down, so she stayed by him to make sure nothing happens to him. After Jaffa's tail came back up, Sunshade was more relaxed, and went sniffing on her own leaving him to play with his buddies.)

Sunshade had to stay on her line line because boo boo mussle....

I play played without my line line. I saw saw ASTA!!! I said said are you Asta(OZ) or Asta(NY)?? But he said no no, I'm a guy guy...

Max the BIG BIG yellow Lab ride ride me a lot. I no no like it, and Sunshade no no like it.

My BIG sister Sunshade said said GRRRRRR.....get off Jaffa WOOF GRRRRRRR WOOOOOOOOF! (Sunshade: *ahem* it was "STINKY")

(mum: Sunshade was trying her best, while leash bound, to look after Jaffa. She didn't like the fact that Jaffa was being mounted.)

Then BIG BIG Max tried to ride ride Sunshade too, and Sunshade said said NOOOOOO! See see Max Max!! All the peeple said said Sunshade was good good to tell Max NO NO riding because he no no stop ride ride me.

(Sunshade: it would've been ok if he were un-neutered you know ..... I'm very tolerant of intact BOYZ *wink*)

I play played with my new friend friends more,

I ran ran a lot a lot with friend friends! It was funny funny because I saw saw two Labs, two WFT's, and me me and Sunshade!!

This is my Sunshade and Juji. Juji is Asta's aunt aunt, just like Sunshade and me me!!!

I said HI HI to BIG BIG Max's mommy. I bite bite her hand hand, she said it's ok ok because I am cute cute.

Me me and Sunshade walk walk more with mummy. (Sunshade: he picks EVERYTHING up from the ground. Our street cleaning team should really hire him, he does an excellent job, except he brings everything back home..)

Mummy said said LEAVE IT, and I said said ok ok, I'm a good good boy.

(mum: here are pictures of Sunshade at 24 weeks.)


Oscar Airedale said...

I am seeing double! What a lot of new friends. I am always getting humped too Jaffa. Lucky for the other dogs, I am not nasty about it.

You are looking so handsome & grown up now Jaffa. Not long until you're bigger than Sunshade!

I used to pick up all kinds from the floor when out walking too. Mum said she never noticed how much litter was around before getting me! Now I only really go for plastic bottles.

Oscar x

Boo said...

ah jaffa, sunshade is so good good to tell BIG MAX, the pervert off for you... and herself. LOL

wow, jaffaman learn how to leave leave it so fast! i will not let go if mama come after me for something in my mouth!

wet wet licks


jaffeboy said...

That looks like real fun fun day for you Jaffa Jaffa. Max Max is bad bad. Mount Mount is no good good. MaMa say no no to boyz boyz who mount mount me.

Jaffa Jaffa, U must eat eat all your yummies yummies so U will be big big boy.


Maggie said...

What a fun day you had and I'm glad Sunshade told that Lab to "get off" in an agressive manner! The nerve!
I swear you like just like me and Mitch. Mitch is forever lunging at my face to grab my collar! Will it ever stop?!

Love ya lots,

Asta said...

Jaffa, you look like you're having such a very good time, lucky for you to have Sunshade looking out for you, grrrrrrr,that Max has to learn better manners, but I guess you're just irresistable.
When I saw your post, I got confused, I asked my Mummy "did we take a trip I forgot about?" Astas everywhere, but youcleared it up...a boy Asta, Mummy should have been more original with my name, but with already having had Nick,Nora, and Charly, she had to continue
pleeze put your picture on my guestbook, and as Sunshade to do it too...many smoochie kisses

Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Jaffaman...
I missed you. Sunshade is all tough, but she really does love you. You looked like you had tons of fun at the park.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaffa,

Glad to see that Sunshade is still looking out for you. Tell your mum that I met Juji and Asta and their mum before -- they are lovely wires, aren't you lucky to have met them as well. Miss you guys!

"Aunty" Maureen

Joe Stains said...

It is not fair how you have to bite at sunshade's face when you walk, that is a doofus move! BUT you are super cute so I guess we will let it go for now.

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

You are soo big now, almost as big as Sunshade already. Sunshade is such a good sister. She was effective in telling Max off..

Boy n Baby

Fu Fu said...

Hey Jaffa, Sunshade is a good sister for pawtacting you. :)

~ fufu