Sunday, June 17, 2007

Me copy copy MY Sunshade

Jaffaman love love MY Sunshade so me like to do do what Sunshade do do!!

MY Sunshade like like ball balls,

Me me too!

MY Sunshade say say I'm REEEEEEEEADY!!

Jaffaman ready ready toooooo!!


Jaffaman UP UP!!

Ball Ball!!

Jaffaman see see ball ball toooooo!!

MY Sunshade good good, got BIG ball ball!

Jaffaman second good good, got second big big ball ball!

Me me and MY Sunshade play with ball ball when we play played on ball ball field. (Sunshade: UBC Rugby field)

MY Sunshade happy happy, and say say watch my ear fly FLY!!

Me me happy HAPPY too, so my ears fly FLY too!!

MY Sunshade sniff sniff, and say say something YUMMY... (Sunshade: that's the "SOURCE")

Me me say say to Sunshade can Jaffaman eat eat too??

Sunshade say say ok ok if you can catch me!! Me say say ok ok, thank you thank you Sunshade!

But me me no no how to catch catch Sunshade... me me no no catch Sunshade.....

So me me say say please please Sunshade... can me me have some some?? (Sunshade: I'm sure by now, you all know what he's doing here - LAND SHARKING!!)

Sunshade say say she's bigger so she need need it and no no give me. But good good mummy told Sunshade she no no need need all because her tum tum is big big. (Sunshade: oh you're sooooooo @$%#!!!) Jaffaman happy happy because me got some too!!

(mum: this post goes together with Sunshade's Important Life Lessons post)

Jaffaman do do what MY Sunshade do do. See see, me me got a bag bag too,

Me me said said see see Sunshade??

But Sunshade no no want to chase me me.... I chase chase Sunshade but Sunshade no no chase chase me me.... Jaffaman a wittle sad sad...

Then then MY Sunshade said said I'm going to play play on high high chairs. Me said said WAIIIIIIIIIIIT WAIIIIIIIIIT for ME MEEEEE!

High high chairs look BAD BAD. Jaffaman no no like it, me said said be careful ok ok Sunshade??

MY Sunshade said said I know know what I'm doing doing! But Jaffaman said said me me still worry worry Sunshade... you go far far...and SOOOOO high high....

Me me no no like MY Sunshade go far far. Me me like like to go go with MY Sunshade eviewhere..

So Jaffaman said said me go go up up!!

(Sunshade: BUT.. he couldn't get up of course!! The aire was so fresh up there....hehe!)

MY Sunshade was a wittle hot hot because high high chair close close to sun sun, so her tongue tongue out out like this,

Me me far far away from sun sun, but me no no why my tongue tongue was long long too....

Jaffaman LOVE LOVE MY Sunshade!!!


jaffeboy said...

Both of you had so much fun running around, it's just great!

Snowball said...


I believe you are going to grow up taking after the many triats of your Sunshade.


Maggie said...

Sunshade was mean to climb those bleachers to get away from you Jaffa! You'll just have to learn how to do that!

Love ya lots,