Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy Birfday Day Canada

Mummy said said today is Canada's birfday and Jaffaman live in Canada, so Jaffaman had to wear thing thing on my neckie and go walk walk.

We walk walk around a lot a lot of peeple, see see,

Me me see see water thing thing, and me me said said can Jaffaman eat eat water?? Mummy said said NOOOOOO, but I brought water for Jaffa. I said said ok ok. Mummy said said can you sit sit and STAY??

Jaffaman was good good, me stay stayed, see see,

Me me said said this is no no fun, me chew chew on my leash!

But mummy said said NO BITE Jaffa!! (mum: that's his command for stop mouthing) So I said said ok ok, me go bite bite MY Sunshade!


Me me said said ok ok sowie sowie Sunshade..... (Sunshade: NO YOU DIDN'T!!! You kept on BITING either ME or the leash!!!!)

Sunshade said said lets go to there, and mummy said said ok ok, let's take picture, look HERE! Sunshade said said let's look THERE!

Then Sunshade said said let's go see boat boats!! See, Sunshade know know all the fun fun places to go take mummy and Jaffaman.

Me me was a wittle bit scawered.... me see see water under me me ...

MY Sunshade said said just follow my mussle butt, you will be ok ok. I said said ok ok Sunshade, me me trust you..

Jaffaman was brave brave!! See see, me got down down and see boat boats! YIPPEE!!!

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