Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Me like like Sunshade's ball balls!

This morning, mummy said said lets go go Jaffa, we have to take Sunshade swimming.

Jaffaman said said OK OK!! Me love love Sunshade's swimming place, cause it's fun fun!

There are a lot lot of toys, but I no no like them cause they are not Jaffaman's.

I only like like MY Sunshade's toys. (Sunshade: he meant to say, he "especially" likes MY toys..) Remember MY Sunshade only like like Sunshade's toys??

Jaffaman TOO, see see,

Sunshade is good good at jump jump and catch ball balls in water and on ground ground,

Jaffaman want to be just like like MY Sunshade, so me practice! I said said I'm ready ready mummy! Throw throw ok ok?

Me GOT IT GOT IT!!!! (Sunshade: that's my muscle butt in the monitor behind STINKY, just thought I'd point it out.)

Me try tried with Sunshade's stickie ball,

Me GOT IT GOT IT too!!

Jaffaman is good good to bring Sunshade's ball balls back to mummy. Sunshade swim swim, me run run get Sunshade's ball balls. See see, like this this,

(Sunshade: this video can make you very dizzy, make sure you watch it on an empty stomach.)

I said said me me run run a lot lot, me take a rest ok ok??

See pretty spot spots on Jaffaman's tongue tongue??

Do I look look like MY Sunshade?? (Sunshade: dogsonally, I think my tongue + spots are one of a kind. Oh, and my tongue came complete with a drop of drool too!)

My tongue tongue no no go inside mouph.. I no no know why..

Stanley Stanley, me got good good juicy nosie too??

Mummy said said my tongue is nice nice. Jaffaman happy happy!!


jaffeboy said...

Hey that tongue spot is really cool. I think it's amazing that Sunshade has it & you have it too!

Did you get to swim in the pool too?! Looks very cooling.

Ruby Bleu said...

You do have a VERY juicy nose. Stanny's girl is going to LOVE that!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Are black spots an Airedale thing? Oscar had them too!

Katy x

Stanley said...

Jaffa Man!!

You have the JUICIEST NOSEY in the whole world right there!! May I add it to my collection!! (I would be proud to have it in my album of juicy snouts).

Goober love,