Thursday, February 15, 2007

Puppy Class 5 - Valentines Day (2/14/07 - Wednesday)

Today was the second to last class of my Puppy Socialization Class. We had a fun fun class.

Me say hi hi to Lisa. I like to bite bite now when I say hi hi. Mummy say it's no good... but I can't help it.. my teeth say say I gotta chew chew!!

I watch watch first....

I picked Turbo (Yellow Lab) and Noel (beagle X PRT or JRT) to play play.

Remember in my 1st and 2nd puppy classes, I wasn't sure about Noel because she play played rambunctious. Now that I'm bigger than her, I say ok ok BRING IT ON!!

We had a lot of play play time today. I had to pay pay attention to mummy before mummy tells me to "GO PLAY". So I watch watch mummy.

Joan said we had to practice our "COME" with mummy's and daddy's while we play play. (mum: periodically, we were told to call our pups or lure them to us, give them a treat, then release them to "go play" again.)

If we got too rough or rowdy, we have to go for a time out to calm down, like this,

(Sunshade: see those red marks on mum's arm? Those are STINKY's bite marks!!!!)

I play played with Turbo

Sometimes when the play gets too rough, I go see see peeple. I went to see Turbo's dad!!

Darcy and Zoe are both bigger and they play rougher.

This is Zoe doing her time out.

Joan and Lisa say say we were playing a game. WOOHOO!! It's called musical chairs. Everything the music stopped, we had to find a mat and sit sit on it. The last doggie without the mat is out out of the game.

This is me me in the practice round.

Now the REAL thing!!

You see Darcy (chocolate Lab X) and Turbo (yellow Lab) in the end both try try to get the mat. The rule of the game is that the dog has to be SITTING. Even tho Darcy got the mat first, she didn't sit sit, so Turbo came over to try to sit sit on the mat. All the peeple laugh laugh a lot.

Oh .. um... I keep hearing peeple call call my friend Shorty a wiener dog. I say say he must be yummy yummy, so I try try to see if he was yummy. He was no no...

This was part two of musical chairs, the camera battery die died.

Noel won it!! Well deserved because she always sit sit so fast!!

I had so much fun fun today!! Before we left, mummy gave Lisa my disposable camera for the Scavenger Hunt, and Lisa gave mummy a toy in return. Mummy say say the toy was for me me!!


When we got home, mummy's friend gave Sunshade and me me our Valentine's Day treats!! Sunshade got a wheat free cake, and I got yummy cookies with icing.

Sunshade got to eat hers first because she's the boss, I said ok ok. Mummy said I had to eat mine in the crate, I said ok ok, I'll go in the crate on my own.

I made sure there no no chocolates because they are bad bad for me.

Sunshade look looked at me while I eat eat. I think she wanted some and I would have let her eat some, but Sunshade didn't come come to take it. Mummy also say say my cookies have wheat wheat in them, and wheat is bad bad for Sunshade. Sorry Sunshade, I love you too much to give you something that's bad bad for you.....

(Sunshade: please, do not declare your love for me so publicly, I'm getting goosebumps...)

(mum: Sunshade will not go after another dog's food if it's already in the possession of the dog. Anytime before that.... WATCH OUT!!)

It was so yummy yummy!!

It was gone gone fast....

I want more more, and I wave wave and give paw paw!!

But mummy said no no... enough for a wittle guy.... I'm not wittle anymore you know, I'm big big, I eat more than Sunshade!!

Then mummy said I had to wear this on my head head because it's Valentine's Day. I said ok ok.

Sunshade say say I look pretty pretty. She told me to wear it outside like that, I think I'm going to listen listen, because Sunshade knows everything!!

(Sunshade: *smirks*...)


Oscar Airedale said...

Your puppy classes look so cool! I am going in big boy class from this week as I am to good for puppy class now. I am a bit worried about being with all the grown up doggies though.

Your valentine biscuit looked yummy! Not sure about the hair clip though...

jaffeboy said...

That look like so much fun!!! I would love to play musical chair too!!!


Maggie said...

I just love you trying to taste Shorty the wiener dog! hehehehe
You're really going up fast Jaffa!

Love ya lots,

Anonymous said...

Jaffa, don't tell Sunshade, but I bet you don't stink at all. Well, maybe puppy breath, but we all love that.

Joe Stains said...

oooh that weiner didnt taste good?!! I cant believe it!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Your puppy classes seems so much fun. We noticed that you are more confident, u just gives us the feeling which is a Good thing.

And boys dont wear hair clip. Dont tell Sunshade that we told you.

Boy n Baby

Lillie Valentine said...

You are so CUTE! You are growing up so fast. I am going to beginner classes for obedience. I don't know if I like them or not.

Life with Ozzy said...

Wow Jaffa those puppy classes looked way better than mine did. WE didn't do anything as fun as that or have play time. I'm really jealous.
Wirey hugs,
PS don't wear the bow out.