Thursday, February 8, 2007

First time to Buntzen Lake

Mummy took Sunshade and me for a long long drive today. I was a good good boy in the car, I just sleep sleep. Then Sunshade started to talk talk and whine whine and cry cry, and I woke up. I didn't know why she talk talk, but I thought since Sunshade knows everything, I should try to talk talk too. So I talk talk. I thought I sounded like Sunshade, but Sunshade looked at me weird (Sunshade: you sounded nothing like me), and mummy shook shook her head head (mum: I can't disagree with Sunshade on this one).

Then Sunshade talk talk louder and run run around in the back of the car. When mummy stopped the car, Sunshade couldn't wait wait and she unlocked the door. Mummy let us out of the car car and I followed Sunshade.

Sunshade ran ran to the gate, she tried to open it. So I ran ran to Sunshade.

(mum: the dog beach was on the other side of the gate, so Sunshade was trying to get to the other side.)

Mummy told me we were at Buntzen Lake. I said WOW!!!! There was water!!! This was my very first time at Buntzen Lake. There was another doggie that looked like Sunshade and me. She was very bouncy and she bounced on me.

I was a little afraid because I don't like big doggies bouncing on me. My tail was down down.

I went to hide hide under a picnic table, but the doggie still wanted to play play. She circled the picnic table and bark bark. My BIG sister Sunshade saw I was afraid, and she came over to the picnic table to help help me. She told the other doggie to stop barking and leave me alone. (Sunshade: the famous "Sunshade LOOK" always does the trick). The other doggie stopped bark bark and I came out from under the picnic table.

Sunshade told me to be brave brave, so I said ok ok. I don't want to embarrass my BIG sister, I want to be just like her.

After I showed Sunshade I was brave brave, Sunshade let me play with the other doggie, and went to wait for mummy by the water. Sunshade likes the water. Mummy watch me play play for a little bit.

(mum: the poor man was a little overwhelmed by the care/training that comes with owning an Airedale. This was his first dog, and he said he's going to have to remodel his home and replace furnitures once the dog calms 7 years LOL. While Airedales are extremely smart, cute, and can be great dogs, they aren't for everyone. I'm lucky both Sunshade and Jaffa are relatively calm/non destructive, but not all Airedales are like this. Do your research, talk to others before getting an Airedale. Off my soap box now.)

I only play played with that doggie for a little bit because I wanted to go see what Sunshade was doing by the water. Sunshade always knows how to play play and have fun fun, just like the pine cone cones!!!

Mummy throw throw things into the water, and Sunshade watch watch. I don't know what the thing things are....

Sometimes Sunshade prance pranced around mummy waiting for mummy to throw more thing things into the water.

Sometimes Sunshade dug dug for things. I asked Sunshade what were those thing things, Sunshade ignored me. I said it's ok ok, I'll just watch watch.

Mummy told me to "COME" so I ran ran towards mummy.

(Sunshade: he OBVIOUSLY hasn't gotten the hang of being an Airedale. I think we all know COME = go sniff a tree, or something like that. Just look at me, prancing leisurely, in the water, out of mum's reach. That "COME" was for STINKY only, I was sure of it.)

I pose pose for mummy. Really, everything is all natural, I'm naturally this handsome handsome!

(Sunshade: yes, and you're a natural with awkward positions.)

I play played with Sunshade's stick ball ball while she dug dug for things in the water.

Then mummy told me to "COME" again, so I ran ran to mummy.

(mum: I am very impressed with how well Jaffa is coming to me without any treats. I don't bring treats when I'm out because Sunshade can get very possessive around other dogs when there are food/treats involved. Jaffa is coming because he is willing to please. It was noted in his puppy testing results.)

Then I met a BIG BIG Rotiweiler. (mum: a great tempermented Rottweiler) She was going to eat eat me, I was so scare scared.

I wanted Sunshade to protect me, but Sunshade say say "I don't want to be eaten, you protect yourself"............ Seeee, Sunshade stayed far far away..

(mum: OKAY Jaffa, you are getting too cheeky. Sunshade would have taken on any dog, yes, even a Rottweiler if the dog was mean to you and you know it. She didn't feel the need to protect you because this Rottie was a very calm, gentle dog.

Let me tell the story the way it happened:

Came a Rottie with a big log in her mouth, Jaffa tried to play. Wasn't scared at all.

The following is the same picture Jaffa used earlier. His tail was down NOT because the Rottie was trying to eat him!!!

(Sunshade: no wonder he's not all there sometimes.)

Everything was fine afterwards.

I think it would be a good idea for me to take Jaffa out alone sometimes so he doesn't get into the habbit of having Sunshade there to protect him all the time. I also don't want Sunshade to feel like she's always got to watch out for him. Sunshade is very in sync with Jaffa's fear. As soon as he is showing signs of fear, she's there for him.)


Oscar Airedale said...

You are getting to be a big brave boy meeting new doggies. Well done you!

Oscar x

Maggie said...

You're really coming along Jaffa! You're a beautiful Airedale!

Love ya lots,

Marvin The Dog said...

You are dong so well, sweetheart!

Jeannie xxxx

Toby said...

Jaffa, you are such a brave lil boy! Mommy says you are so well behaved....hhmmm, is she implying that I'm not?? I saw a friendly rotti at the park yesterday too. All I did was bark bark bark at him. Mommy says that's not very nice. She says I should be more like you. Maybe u can give me some pointers?


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

You are such a brave boy to play with the rottie. We have two rotties in our neighbourhood but they are very fiece. They will bark at us. And ther was once they bite a promeranian by the neck, shook it and threw it. So we are very very wary of them.

Boy n Baby