Thursday, February 15, 2007

13.5 Weeks Old

Weight at 13.5 weeks: 19.1 lbs

It rain rain a lot lately, so mummy couldn't take pictures of me me me outside. We take pictures inside and mummy say say they are not as nice because of the flash....

I think I'm still handsome handsome!!

(mum: Mini ChickenDALE in the making......... sigh.... going up no problems, coming down, cry me a river.)

HELLP please...

I really can't do do..... help me?


Boo Casanova said...

gosh! this is not a good news. jaffa learns everything from sunshade even the bad habits!!

wet wet licks


Fu Fu said...

Jaffa, you sure are a cute cute boy. No worries, I'll drive my FuFuMOBILE and help you down ..

~ fufu

Huskee and Hershey said...

Oopps... we got a little 'Chick-a-Dale', haven't we?!! Jaffa you are really looking all grown up in those pics!!

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

I went up the stairs for a shower yesterday. I did manage to come back down, but let's just say it wasn't good!

You are super handsome. I think you weigh about what I did at your age. I was 9 kilos dead (19.8 pounds I think) at 15 weeks. At 9 months yesterday I was 20.5 kilos (45.1 pounds)

Oscar x

Oscar x

Headgirl said...

Please post an up-date I'm waitng..I'll be in VCR before you post again @ this rate..

Molly the Airedale said...

I found stairs hard at an early age too! Practice, practice, practice!

Love ya lots,

Dean-O! said...

JaffaDale, you are so BIG & you have BIG feet. My mom says that will make you a really BIG boy when you are all grown up! Maybe they will call you BigJaffa...or maybe even The Boss.

Joe Stains said...

you really are going to end up just like sunshade!!!!

Myeo said...

hehe.. of course, you will learn 'everything' from Sunshade!

Boy n Baby

jaffeboy said...

Oooo... Jaffa, U look so uber cute in the pictures. I'm sure you were just pretending to be afraid hoping mommy will go pick you up.

U R one clever little thing...

xoxoxo.... Kaylie

Faya said...

Do you want me to come and show you how to do ? No problems....
Big kiss, Faya

wally said...

Jaffa--Don't tell Miss Sunshade this but I think you're awful cute. The picture of you and your big head at the top of the stairs is adorable.

It was nice of you in the previous post to protect Miss Sunshade by volunteering to eat the wheat-cookies. I, too, make such sacrifices to help out others.


ps. Don't tell Sunshade I was here PLEASE. She's a great pal.

Headgirl said...

What a lovely boy!
Seeing youre pic's made3 me smile.
Pats & treats to you

L said...

Wow! Jaffa, you sure are turning into a cute and quickly growing boy. You are handsome, just like me. We keep checking everyday, and no new posts. Are you okay? Are you and Sunshade keeping Mum busy? Take care of yourself and Sunshade.

Love and Smoochies,


Anonymous said...

Hello Jaffa!
You're looking more and more handsome as you grow other. I bet you are going to be bigger than me in no time. =)