Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I got thing things!!!!!

Sunshade's friends send me thing things (Sunshade: as in pressies...) !! I think they like like me!!

The thing things were from Sunshade's boyfriend, Bogart, and Baby n Boy. I was so happy happy. Look, I gave mummy my paw paw and asked nicely for my thing things,

Bogart is so handsome handsome, and he gave me pine cone-cones wrapped in blue ribbons. I love love pine cone-cones!!

I play played with them,

(Sunshade: while I made sure none of his stinky parts touched me!!!!)

Then Sunshade and mummy told me "Come here Jaffa/STINKY, let's put this pretty thing on you."


Sunshade said said that's what the blue ribbon was for, so I listen listened!

Mummy said said LOOK HERE!

Mummy said said SMILE!!

Mummy said said STICK YOUR TONGUE OUT!!

Then I open opened my thing from Baby n Boy,

It's a Dino CUZ CUZ!! It makes funny funny noises, it makes me laugh laugh. (Sunshade: told you he's more than a little awkward)

I love my thing things from Bogart, Baby n Boy so much. I put them together in front of me and play played with them for a long long time.

Thank You Thank You, Jaffa is happy happy!!

But I no like the ribbon.....

Dear Handsome Bogart:

Can you please please not wrap my pine cone-cones in girly thing things next time?? Mummy and Sunshade make me gay gay.....

Sincerely & Love lick-licks,


Oscar Airedale said...

Aw jaffa, mum & Sunsahde are meanies, but those photos of you wearing the ribbon are just to funny, hehehe!

Oscar x

Maggie said...

hehehehe Jaffa,
You look so cute with that blue ribbon on your head! We'll have to try that out on Mitch!
Boy, when your mom gives you a command, you listen! Good boy!

Love ya lots,

The Airechicks said...


You're getting to be such a BIG BOY...We LUV your pics......

Don't fret about the ribbon it was BLUE...and you got pressies....

Your so cute and that's really all that matters....

maggie said...

dont worry , you dont look gay (no offence to gay homans/puppys)
i LOVE my cuz , its my favorite toy
luv ya , maggie

Bogart said...

Hey Jaffa,

Don't worry, all of the teasing will make you a much stronger MALE DALE when you're a big boy...

And I made sure that you got a blue ribbon!


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

We hope you like the Cuz. It is our favourite but now that we think of it, it might be too small for you now.

Boy n Baby

jaffeboy said...

Jaffa, U look mighty good. U sit nice nice. MaMa say I sit lazy lazy and she angry angry with me...


wally said...


I think you look lovely with the ribbon on your head. And there's nothing wrong with the love that dare not bark its name.


ps. your legs seem to be growing very fast. how do you do that? mine stopped growing a long time ago.

Liberty Doo Dah said...

At least the ribbon is blue blue! I especialy like your gofy face when wearing that blue blue ribbon!