Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Breeder's (2/05/07) - 12 weeks old

Mummy and her friend friend and Sunshade and me me went to see my breeder to have my ears glued again. We had to stay in the car for a long long time. I was a little bore bored, but I sat good good on mummy's lap.

Sometimes, I looked out out the window.

I was so happy happy to see my breeder, Jan. I dance dance around her and try to bite bite her shoes. Jan was so happy happy too and she kept on saying "he remembers me!!"

I went to see see the house,

I found nice sandals,

Sunshade went to see see the house too, but she had to be on leash because she was not house trained. She pee peed. (Sunshade: you'll start doing it sooner or later and then you are going to lose your *ahem* you know whats!!!)

Then I play played with Subi, she's Sunshade's aunt, but my aunt also. (mum: funny how things work in the dog world LOL)

Mummy and all the other peeple had dinner, and when they finished, Jan brought out my sisters!!!!!! I was so excited to see see them!!

I'm the handsome handsome one ok?? (Sunshade: I told ya, he's got no shame)

(mum: I wonder who he learned that from??)

My sisters have long long hair because they hadn't been stripped.

Mummy and Jan said we could take take one sister home. They said it was the more laid back (what does that mean??) sister that we were going to take home. I was a little sad sad because mummy said my sister was going to live with another family, not with me...... We just pick pick her up for her new family...

(mum: the female is now known as "Maggie" aka. "Loc Aire's Perfect Maggie")

I show show you my pretty sister Maggie:

(mum: this was a beautiful litter temperament/conformation wise according to Jan. Six out of seven pups were show quality, and she decided to let Maggie go because of her laid back personality even tho she was built slightly better than the outgoing sister that Jan's keeping. Jan felt with Maggie personality, she would do best in a home where she would be the only dog who gets all the attention and spoiling.)

Both of my sisters have more wiry hair than me, that is why their faces look look narrower than mine. I got a softer/fluffier coat.

We play played:

I'm the handsome handsome one with the blue collar ok ok??

Maggie is the one I bite bite, her tail was down down. Jan picked up my other sister to mark mark her foot foot because that was the one she was keeping.

Another video:

Jan put put Maggie on the counter, she was having her other ear glued. Jan wanted to strip Maggie, but she say say she wasn't sure if she should because she wasn't sure how warm/cold the house Maggie was going to would be. This is why I LOOOOVE my breeder, she care care about all her pups so much!!!! Maggie did end up being stripped like me because mummy said I get hot hot.

(mum: I know I called the girl that Jan's keeping "the crazy sister", but really, she isn't hyper or crazy at all. You could hear Jan say "she's just naturally more outgoing" which is exactly what she is. The only reason I called her "crazy" was because she was the only pup who refused to be ignored when I first saw the pups at 8 weeks of age. As long as we talked to her, petted her, paid attention to her, she was fine. As soon as we took our attention off her, she would start voicing her opinion and jumping up. She reminded me of another pushy, "the world revolves around me" Airedale. (Sunshade: that can't be me!!!)

The rest of Jaffa's litter were more laid back. Believe it or not, Jaffa was the most laid back pup of the litter (yes, even more so than Maggie). Just comes to show, what a little bit of socialization early on can do, and how important it is to socialize young pups!!)

I really really liked my outgoing sister because we play play well together.

We play played while Maggie was being stripped and glued.

Isn't my sister a cutie cutie too just like me me me???

Then it was my turn turn to have my ears glue glued again....

I wanted to go play play...

So I did this to the camera!!!!

Mummy and Jan tried to make me stand pretty pretty. They called it "stacking".

But I didn't want to stand pretty pretty, so I wiggle wiggle.

Jan said I got a deep chest and lots of bone bones like my daddy and Sunshade. (Sunshade: of course, your dad is my handsome brother) My sisters are built more like my mummy (mum: as in biological mum.) who is more elegant looking and weighs around 50 lbs.

Jan also said I got a nice, big head head like daddy and Sunshade, she thinks I'm going to be handsome. I said, of course of course, I am handsome handsome already!!

Then we said bye bye to Jan, and I sleep sleep all the way home. Poor Maggie was sick sick in the car, so she puke puked ...... I hope she gets to go on short short car rides, so she can come play play sometime.

(mum: Maggie stayed with us for a night, and we met up with her family the next day. It was love at first sight!!! Her new owners smothered her with kisses and hugs the minute Maggie got out of the car. Maggie, of course, behaved like a perfect angel. It was great to see, and a HUGE relief for my wonderful breeder, Jan to hear since she usually requires to meet the family before letting a pup go.

We will try to arrange play dates for Jaffa and Maggie to meet. Should be interesting to see how they mature.)

Weight at 12 weeks: 16.6 lbs


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Wow, your sisters are beautiful. I hope you do get to see lots of Maggie.

Oscar x

Molly the Airedale said...

Another Maggie!!! Great name! and you are one cute girlfren!

Love ya lots,
The other Maggie

jaffeboy said...

We're glad that Maggie got a great home. Oh, & you Jaffa, U do look so handsome... xoxoxo Kaylie

Myeo said...

Your sisters are beautiful. We are glad that Maggie has found a good home.

Boy n Baby