Sunday, September 16, 2007

Big Big Fishie & my brother!!

Mummy said said wakie wakie Jaffa, we have to go go. Me said said but sky dark dark and Jaffaman sleepy sleepy........ Mummy said said you sleep in car car ok ok?

Me me no no know where mummy take take Jaffaman and my Sunshade. See see my no no know face??

(Sunshade: that's actually his "concentrating" on mum's breakie muffin face!!)

Mummy said said Jaffaman go pee pee and poo poo ok ok, because me no no allowed pee pee and poo poo for a long long time after.

Jaffaman said said ok ok I'm done done mummy!!! Mummy said said good good Jaffa!! Me me said said ok ok, good good Jaffaman give mummy hug hug ok ok?

Me me sleep more more in Sunshade's car car. Then mummy said said wakie wakie Jaffaman, lets go meet meet your brother, Rusty VII!!!

(mum: some people say, once you've had an Airedale, you will not have another breed. The saying definitely holds true with Captain Terry. He has had six Airedales prior to Rusty, and they were all named Rusty. Terry's first Airedale, Rusty (I), was his protector and baby sitter. Terry's father had trained Rusty (I) to pull Terry to shore by his life jacket should he fall into the water. So at the age of three, Terry was allowed take his speed boat and go 150 feet either way from the house as long as he was wearing his life jacket and brought the dog with him. Six more Rusty's came after Rusty (I)!!)

I said said HI HI HI HI HI HI me me is JAFFAMAN!!!

See see, me me and my brother,

Jaffaman was happy happy!!

(Sunshade: I don't think Rusty was so happy to have you bounding into his office and running around like a ..well you, and nipping at his face! Just look at how still he stood, and his tail was not wagging. You're lucky he didn't kick you out!!)

Rusty like like Sunshade a lot a lot, and Sunshade like like Rusty a lot a lot too. So me said said to Sunshade, you like like Jaffaman too right???

And me said said to Rusty, you like me me??

Rusty said said he got a boat boat. See see, he show showed me,

Rusty said said he help help his daddy Captain Terry drive drive boat boat! WOW WOW!! Me said said you're smart smart Rusty!!

Rusty said said Jaffaman and my Sunshade can go on his boat boat, see see, we walk to his boat boat,

Jaffaman brave brave, me me no no scared of slide slide. (Sunshade: as in ramp. Told you you'd be ok if you followed my muscle butt!)

Rusty said said he will take us to see big big fishies. Jaffaman said said really really?? Like this this??

and this this??

Me me happy happy to see see big fishies!!

Jaffaman brave brave, see see, me me put head head out to see boat boat moving,

Mummy no no like Jaffaman put put leggie out....

Mummy said said it's ok ok to put head head out, but no no leggies out ok ok Jaffaman? Me said said okay okay...

This is ok ok mummy??

Me like wind wind, see see my ears??

Mummy said said ok ok Jaffaman and Sunshade look look here, me said said ok ok.

Then Rusty come come to say HI HI!

Me said said let's play play ok ok?

But my Sunshade said said no no play on boat boat, no no safe ok ok? Rusty said said ok ok listen to Aunty Sunshade. Me said said HUH???

Sunshade said said we go go inside and wait for big big fishies. But Jaffaman said said me want to play play.....

Mummy said said good good Jaffa, lie down like Sunshade ok ok?? Me said said ok try try....

Captain Terry said said Jaffaman and Sunshade good good. See see, he brought brought these for me me and Sunshade to eat eat!!

Me me said said thank you thank you Captain Terry, Jaffaman kiss kiss you ok ok??

(Sunshade: he was land sharking Captain Terry's face, fortunately, Captain Terry said he's used to Rusty doing that so he didn't mind.)

Sunshade no no say hi hi to people, Sunshade stay stayed with mummy. Captain Terry said said Rusty (VI) is like my Sunshade. (Sunshade: well of course, he's my brother!!)

(mum: as it turned out, Rusty (VI) is Sunshade's brother as well. He is still around but doesn't live with Terry any more. Terry said Rusty (VI) is quite stand offish with people he doesn't know, but a very loyal dog. Sunshade too is very aloof towards people she doesn't know. Whereas the litter Jaffa, Stella, and Rusty came from, they all seem to have that easy going, happy-go-lucky personality.) (Sunshade: and you got the ONLY land shark in the litter!!!!)

Rusty want treat treats too, see see?

Mummy go go to give Rusty liver treat treats. Jaffaman and my Sunshade love love liver treat treats, but Rusty said said hmmmm.... why is it black?

Jaffaman got got a cow cow stick, see see?? (Sunshade: it's a bully stick. I got a beef tendon!)

Then mummy said said, Jaffaman want to see big big fishies?? Me said said OOOOOOOOKAY! See see, me happy happy,

Mummy said said Jaffa, look out and pay pay attention ok ok?? Me said said ok ok, me pay pay attention!!

Jaffaman look look more,

Me me ask my Sunshade do you see see big big fishies??

Sunshade said said she no no see them too...

So me said said ok ok, Jaffaman clean clean bench with tongue tongue so no no wet wet anymore, and people can sit sit. Jaffaman nice nice,

(Sunshade: umm.... he was thirsty, and it was raining, so he was licking water off the bench. And um.... I really don't think we are related, because I don't clean benches with my tongue.)

Then Sunshade said said look look Jaffa, big big fishies!! (Sunshade: said "STINKY" and "whales".) Me said said ok ok me look look,

But me no no see see big fishies....... Sunshade said said me no no pay attention, me play play with people hand hands, so me miss big big fishies....

Sunshade saw saw big big fishies, but me no no see see big big fishies.....

Sunshade said said it's ok ok, I have pictures you can see ok ok?

(mum: Jaffa was quite *ahem* social with all the excited whale watchers lol. He kind of got side tracked a little. Still had a great time tho LOL.)

Captain Terry said said ok ok, we bring boat boat back to boat boat's home ok ok? Me said said ok ok, Jaffaman sleep sleep.

Jaffaman saw saw big big fishies in my sleep!!!! Then mummy said said wakie wakie, we are going now Jaffa. See see, me me and Sunshade waiting to go go!

Me said said, hurry hurry, Jaffaman no no pee pee for a long a long time, so me got pee pee ok ok??

After I pee peed, said said let's go play play Rusty!! See see, me me take toy I gave gave Rusty,

(Sunshade: Just because you gave it to him, doesn't mean you can just take the toy. It's HIS!!!!)

See see, Rusty play play too!!

Rusty asked me me do you come to my house to play some more??? Me said said OKAY OKAY!!! Thank you thank you!! (Sunshade: you didn't even ask mum!)

(mum: Captain Terry invited us to follow him to his lake house for the kids to run around and play since they were cooped up for quite a while. So we did. That post coming up.

I just want to say I was very proud of the way Sunshade and Jaffa behaved, especially Jaffa being an energetic pup. People on the boat adored them. Captain Terry and his crew LOVED seeing Rusty's relatives!)


Snowball said...

wow!!! I wish I could go on a boat like you did too. Are you afraid of the big big fishies?


Ruby Bleu said...

Wow Jaffa what fun!!! Whalies AND your brother all in one day. So exciting!!!

Lots of licks, Ruby

Boo said...

jaffa, that's a loooooooooooong boat ride. i have never been on a boat before but you are pretty used to it by now rite?

wet wet licks


jaffeboy said...

Jaffa Jaffa, U had so much fun fun! Rusty is small small standing beside you. He is cute cute just like you.

xoxoxo Kaylie

Maggie & Mitch said...

OMG, you always have the best fun, Jaffa! You're so lucky to be able to spend all that time with him on his big boat!

Love ya lots,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

How nice to meet your brother Rusty. You and Sunshade sure have a pawsome time. I'm sure you'll get to see the big big fishes next time you go

~ Girl girl

Joe Stains said...

you guys are so lucky to go on an adventure like that! what fun is a big fish if you can't eat it, I wouldnt have paid attention either!

Stanley said...


You were so good, buddy! Can't believe you got to meet your brother, and that he has his own BOAT! Very cool.

Sorry you didn't get to see the whales, but Sunshade's photos were really good.

You are getting so big, buddy. Soon you'll be an Aireman!

Goober love,