Thursday, August 16, 2007

Play at hooman puppy school - Jaffa/Stella

Mummy took took Jaffaman and Stellie to a school to play play.

Mummy said said sowie sowie guys... we are late late so no no doggies here anymore.... But me me and Stellie said said it's ok ok, we can play play and bite bite each other, see, like this this,

(mum: best photo I could get LOL!)

(Stella: Jaffa and Princess Stella played for a bit, and then I was like ummm... Jaffa, do you hear Elaine calling us to "come"??? And he was like me no no hear mummy. But then I was like ummmm....hmmm.... do you think maybe you have boogers in your ears so maybe that's why umm.. you can't hear Elaine??

So I was like I think I'm going to go see Elaine because um.... I'm a good princess you know what I mean??

And then my silly brother was like hey hey Stellie tellie, you run run fast, wait wait for me ok ok??

Good Princess Stella runed to Elaine first!!! And Elaine was like oh you're the best little princess.......hmm.. or something like that you know what I'm saying? So I geted little kookies!!)

Jaffaman was good good, mummy said come come, and I said said OK OK!! See see, me got kookies too,

(mum: Stella is a very well behaved girl. She's always paying attention to where I am, and always comes when called. My Jaffa boy on the other hand ..... is quite independent from time to time LOL.)

Me meet meet a big big black guy, he said said I am BOB. Me said said, can Jaffaman go to BOB's house to play play??

(Stella: Jaffa telled me we should go to BOB's house to play, but I was like ummm.... did you ask Elaine Jaffa?? Because Princess Stella is a good princess you know?? Jaffa was like no no ask Elaine ok ok, BOB said said ok ok to go play play!!!

I was like Oh Jaffa.... you are so silly, and not being very good you know?? I said hi to BOB and I telled him ummm... sorry but only Jaffa was going to his house.

But Elaine was like that Jaffa is being BAD!!! So she like ruuuuuuuuuned really really fast because Jaffa was like walking with BOB you know what I mean??)

Mummy run run to Jaffaman and said said WHERE ARE YOU GOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING??? Me said said no no where... me was gonna go go back to you mummy! (Stella: ummm... Jaffa.. I don't think you should lie you know what I'm saying?? You're so silly..hehe)

Mummy said said you go on line line..... see see, like this this. BOB no no want me on line line, see see,

So me me stayed on line line, but me still play played with Stellie tellie!! See see,

(Stella: I telled Jaffa that he should really ummm..... listen and stay with Elaine so he could go off his blue leash you know??

He was like OK OK Stellie, me be good good!)

Mummy said said you be good good Jaffa ok ok??? Me said said ok ok, sowie mummy.... Good good mummy take line line off, see, me got to see see doggie with no line line!!

Jaffaman and Stellie play played with doggie, see see,

(mum: then you tried to go home with that doggie too................)


Stanley said...

Princess Stella!

You are an example to us all. I CAN listen and be good like you, but I don't always CHOOSE to do so. I have to confess that I'm a little like Jaffaman ~ like to live a little dangerously.

Wish I could meet up and play with you two. We'd have ourself some great wrasslin' matches and uber great games of bitey face!

By the way, where's Aunt Sunshade? Are you getting to know her better, Stella? I think that would be a great idea. She's very wise.

Goober love,

jaffeboy said...

Jaffa Jaffa, U have to go go to Mummy Mummy when call call ok?!

It is scawie scawie to go home home with strange doggie doggie.

Molly the Airedale said...

The two of you are just so cute together! You both are such good pups!

Love ya lots,

Joe Stains said...

wow Jaffa, um going home with other dogs is probably a bad idea. I bet you would miss sunshade and your Mom!

Luckie Girl said...

Hi Jaffa,
So you chose what you want to listen too huh? Selective listening. :)

Snowball said...

Hi Jaffa,
Why do you want to go home with every doggy? Aren't you going to miss mummy and your Sunshade?


Ume said...

hi Jaffa,
u would miss your Mummy & Aunt sorely if u go home with some strange doggin.