Thursday, August 23, 2007

Play play before Stellie go go - Jaffa/Stella

(Stella: Elaine telled Princess Stella that my kookie mummy was gonna come get me soon! I was like REEEEEEEEEEALY??

Princess Stella was like are you really really sure??? Because ummm.... my kookie family hasn't been here for the last 12 days you know what I'm saying??

Elaine was like yes you are really going to see your kookie family soon and then she like gived me a pinkie promise. So Princess Stella was like ummmm.... OKAY! Does my smile look good??

Do I look like a cute and pretty princess??

My silly silly brother was like Stellie pretty pretty, we play play now ok ok??)

Stellie tellie go go home today, so Jaffaman said said we got play a lot a lot ok ok??

Me me and Stellie play played with ball ball from pretty Kaylie Kaylie,

See see, we play play like this this,

(Sunshade: Yes, that was me you see whining by the second floor window. My EVIL mum just left me stranded upstairs!!!)

(mum: yes... the chickeDALE still resides here!)

Jaffaman LOVE LOVE ball ball, see see, me got ball ball,

Me no no got it..... Stellie tellie got got it...

Thank you thank you Kaylie Kaylie, Jaffaman jump jump for pretty Kaylie ok ok??

(Sunshade: HEY! I'm STILLL upstairs in case you have forgotten!)

(Stella: Jaffa and I was like running a lot you know. So I was like ummm... maybe we should take a rest??

And Elaine was like ok Princess Stella and Jaffaman, come over for pictures. So I goed because I'm a good princess you know what I mean??

Princess Stella was like ummmmm.... Elaine you taked lots already... do you ummm... need to take more?? Cause I really like ummm... want to play you see?

My good brother was like Stellie tellie, mummy do do this a lot a lot, you just sit sit or she do do a lot a lot more ok ok?? So I was like okay... you know Elaine the best...

When I see-ed this picture, I was like ummmm...... OMG, you're so much bigger than big Jaffa, even you tongue is bigger than big!! (Sunshade: you mean HUGE? and can somebody COME GET ME??)

Elaine was like ok good pups, you can go play now! So she like gived me the ball Jaffa's girlfriend gived him, but I was like ummmm.... Jaffa should have it cause it's from his girlfriend you know what I'm saying?? I'm a good sister, so I like goed to get my own toy.... but the toys was like ummmmmm........ VERY bad!)

(mum: this is a perfect example of Stella's sound sensitivity. She is not necessarily startled or scared by loud noises, in fact, she is completely fine with fireworks and thunder/lightening. What she is sensitive towards are unfamiliar sounds. If it's a noise that she's never ever heard in her life before (in this case, the singing toy), she gets very unsure.)

Smart smart Jaffaman found a stick stick. But Stellie tellie love love stick too, so she ran ran fast fast, see see, like this this,

Stellie tellie pull pulled on stick stick. She said said ummmm.... Jaffa, I think I should get the stick because I'm a princess you know what I'm saying??

Then Stellie tellie got got Jaffaman's stick stick and me run run in circle a lot a lot, and me head head no no feel good.... (mum: were you dizzy Jaffa??)

(Sunshade: OF COURSE I WAS STILL UP THERE!! GEEZUS mum! Did you come get me?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, so yes, I was STILL UP there! )

(Stella: Then Elaine was like ok guys, here comes Aunty Sunshade!! And Princess Stella was like ummmmm......... oh no... I think Aunty Sunshade is going to like make us hear lessons again you know what I'm saying??

(Sunshade: FINALLY!! About time!)

I'm a good princess, I listened to my lessons....

Aunty Sunshade was like ummm.... ok you passed STINKY #2. I still don't understand why Aunty Sunshade calls us that, I don't smell anything wrong with me you know what I mean?

My kookie mommy comed to get me after my lessons with Aunty Sunshade. Princess Stella was like OMG OMG! You're back kookie mommy, where is my KOOKIE????

I telled my kookie mommy that Princess Stella haved a really good time with my silly brother and like taked lessons from my Aunty Sunshade.

Ummmm..... and I think I really love my silly silly brother Jaffa!)

(mum: I can now understand why some say it's not double the work when you have two dogs, yet others seem to think the opposite. Well, I have been given the opportunity to experience both. I believe, when you have two similar aged dogs with similar energy level and plays the same, it truly is NOT double the work. They tire each other out, and enjoy each other's company just like Jaffa and Stella together.

However, things are a little different when you have two dogs with a big age difference, such as Sunshade and Jaffa. Understandably, their energy levels differ, and have different needs. Sunshade loves to swim, and she will happily stay on one part of the beach and just swim. She also doesn't care much about playing with other dogs anymore (unless they are big, handsome, un-neutered males), and I don't like her running too much because of her joint problems. Jaffa on the other hand doesn't swim, he gets bored if we just stayed in one spot and will go look for things to do on his own. He also loves to play with other dogs. So a lot of the times, I do find myself doing double the work trying to satisfy both their needs.

I am in *NO* way complaining about what I do for my guys because they are completely worth it. I love them more than anything!!! Just wanted to share what I have come to realize and possibly help others who might be looking to add a second dog to the family.

Lastly, here are a few more pictures of the 9.5 months old brother and sister team:



The Team,)


Boo said...

omDOG, stella has the same harness as sunshade. can't believe sunshade rather watch from the window instead of come down and join the gang. LOL

wet wet licks


Maggie & Mitch said...

You guys are going to miss each other LOTS! What fun it's been having Stella visit, huh Jaffa?! We're all hooting here about Sunshade being stuck upstairs! Hey, Sunshade - Mitch can teach you to do stairs! Come stay with us!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Asta said...

OOh JaffaJaffa,
I loved seeing you play with youw sis pwincess Stella
COme ovew to my'we invited to a pawty...Of couwse Sunshade too..although thewe wont be any swimming unless we can dig a swimming hole soon,hehehe
smoochie kisses

Stanley said...


You and Stella are soo fun to watch! I want to jump right through the pooter screen and join the fun! I love it when you roll around on the ground together!!

Princess Stellie is such a lady, and she's a tough wrassler too! I bet her Kookie Family was stinkin' happy to get her back home!! She'll miss you Jaffa Boy!

I can't believe how big you are now, Jaffa! How much do you weigh?

Elaine, thanks for the advice about 2 dogs of the same age/energy level. My girl is thinking she'd like to get me a sister, and may do it sooner rather than later.

Goober love,

Joe Stains said...

you guys always look like you are having the best time together!!! I bet stella is glad to be back home but I bet you miss her Jaffa.

Snowball said...

Jaffa and Stella looks perfect together. They really enjoy playing together. Its a good thing that Stella is staying nearby and they can meet to play together often.


jaffeboy said...

Jaffa Jaffa, you are a good good boy cos U no no take out the squeaky squeaky in the ball ball. I like to squeaky squeaky but not take it out.

U jump jump high high for the ball ball. I, Kaylie, jump jump for ball ball too!!!

Princess Stella Stella is very pretty pretty. I like her new trimmed trim fur fur.

Jaffa Jaffa also look neat neat.

Love Love Kaylie Kaylie.... xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Princess Stella, don't tell anyone I said this, but you a very pretty, pretty Princess Airedale. I like your beautiful, expressive face.