Friday, August 10, 2007

NO NO say "Good Boy"

Sunshade said said NO NO say "Good Boy Jaffa".... see see, like this, my ear ears fly fly and my leggie up up when Sunshade say say NO NO say Good Boy!

(mum: Sunshade gets jealous... she doesn't like me giving Jaffa too much attention and she lets us know EXACTLY how she feels LOL)

(Sunshade: just LOOK AT HIM! He won't let me sleep when I need my beauty sleep, and when I do get up, he runs around like a rabid dog!)

Sunshade said said Jaffaman is bad bad and run run too much..... and no no let Sunshade sleep sleep.....

Jaffaman do do this before Sunshade wakie up up,

Me me do do this when Sunshade wakie up up,

Me me NO NO Good Boy???

This this NO NO Good Boy face??


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Aw Jaffa, I think you're a very, very good boy. I love your little bottom tetthie peggies in the last photo.

Katy x

Maggie said...

That kinda looks like our house except that Mitch shoves toys in my face and is insistent about it! He's not a good boy! Jaffa, you're a good boy!

Stanley said...

Jaffa Jaffa!

You ARE a good boy!! My girl thinks you are a handsome boy too? Did you know your nose looks like Sunshade's??

Your Goober bud,

Joe Stains said...

you are a good boy but sometimes the older dogs just need to be left alone!!