Saturday, August 11, 2007

Stellie is here Stellie is here!!!

Stellie is here here!!!!! (mum: Jaffa calls Stella, Stellie)

(Stella: um... well my kookie family is going to Cali for 10 days on vacation. So I was like can Princess Stella go stay with Jaffa and Aunty Sunshade and have my own vacation too you know what I'm saying??

Afterall, I AM a princess.

Elaine was like Princess Stella is welcome here anytime, so my kookie mummy was like very thankful. My kookie mummy cooked like a lot of food for her little princess and bringed my bed and toys so I won't get home sick you know what I mean right?

Wait, what's that sound?? Did you hear it?? OMG! I don't like that sound... what is it?? Oh.. I think it's a woodpecker pecking at a metal pipe.. why would it do that? I'm just saying it should really stop doing that you know what I mean??

OK.. umm... I think I'm okay now..

Anyway, hmmm... where was I?

Oh right, so Elaine was like lets take them to the park first because Jaffa and I like to run a lot you know what I'm saying??

So Princess Stella meeted Elaine and Jaffa at the park, and I was like OMG I missed you Jaffa! We like umm... rolled all over the grass and like um.... wrestled and stuff you know?)

(Jaffa: Stellie Stellie, can me me talk talk now??)

(Stella: ummm... in a minute okay Jaffa??

Anyway, I was like ummmm... I haven't seen Jaffa in like a week so I just want to play play and play you see?

And then Jaffa was like let's go play play on the kookie boy ok ok? And I was like ummm.... you're so silly, but O-K!!!

(Jaffa: can me me say say thing thing now??)

(Stella: I'm almost done ok Jaffa?

We runed lots, and ummm... Jaffa was like kookie boy need need gel gel on hair ok ok?? And I was like hmmm.... well I think he looks ok, and like I don't think he needs any gel Jaffa. But Jaffa was like yes yes he need need gel gel and he like put the gel from his mouth on the kookie boy's hair, and I was like Ohhh Jaffa... you're so funny!!

Elaine and my kookie mummy was like we should make an All Natural Jaffa Gel, and I was like oh you guy are so silly too!

It's your turn to talk now Jaffa.)

(Jaffa:...................... hmmmm... me no no wemember what me me want to say say......)

(Stella: *whispers* remember? Your tongue?)

(Jaffa: oh ok ok, thank you thank you Stellie! Jaffaman run run with Stellie, and me me was happy happy. (Stella: and then I was like ummmmm..... OMG! Jaffa... EWWWWWW!)

Me me no no know what happened, me me no no feel pain pain, but me got red red tongue tongue. See see, like this is,

Mummy said said ok ok, no no more playing for Jaffaman and Stella. Mummy said said we go go home now now... I said said okay okay.)

(Stella: Elaine was like lets put Princess Stella's bed inside beside Jaffa and Aunty Sunshade's bed. I was like well... ummm... I guess that's ok for a princess, right?

I comed inside and I was like Princess Stella lived here before!! And then Aunty Sunshade was like hey you STINKIES, look what I got!

I was like ummm.... well I guess you can play with my toy since you're my Aunty you know what I'm saying? I was like umm... I'll just play with Jaffa.)

(Jaffa: me talk talk now ok ok Stellie?? (Stella: ok, but hurry ok?)

Ok ok!

Mummy said said it's bed bed time. Me me and Stellie went on bed beds, see see, like this this,

Mummy said said Jaffaman and Stellie good good pups!)

(Stella: Elaine was like ok, everybody go sleep. So umm... Princess Stella sleeped on her bed. Aunty Sunshade was like my bed STINKS, I'm not touching it!

I wonder why Aunty Sunshade's bed stinks? Ummm.. I mean, I was playing on there and I was like it smelled fine.

Anyway, Princess Stella loves my vacation home especially like, I get to be with my silly silly brother you know what I'm saying?)

(Jaffa: Jaffaman happy happy Stellie is here here!! Me me love love Stellie!)

(Sunshade: I'm MOVING OOOOOOOOOOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Stella...
Welcome back! So glad you are getting to vacation Jaffa and are going to have SOOOOO much fun. Jaffa, is your tongue all better?

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Ew Jaffa, guess you bit your tongue!

Glad to hear you're having fun with Stella, even if someone else isn't...!

Katy x

Maggie said...

You and Stella are so cute together! I think Sunshade is a wee bit jealous!

Love ya lots,

Stanley said...

Jaffa & Stella!!!

You guys are gonna have a blast! Stella, you have the best vacation home, you know?

Jaffa, I think you *should* market your brand of hair gel ~ all natural!

Take lots of photos while you're together!!

Goober love,

Bogart said...

Aw.... Jaffa, you and Stella are SO DARN CUTE together... I love to watch you guys wrestle.


Boo said...

jaffa, why red red tongue? when i see your photo i was like "WTF"?

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

oh jaffa what did you do to make your mouth bleed like that?! I am so glad you get to play with stella for 10 whole days!

Ume said...

hi Jaffa,
u muz have had great fun with Stella!

Blue said...

Sorry, I haven't commented for ages, but I do visit most days...
Anyway, hope you don't mind but I've tagged you to play the DWB's latest game "Middle Names". Please see my blog or Marvins [he tagged me!] for full details. As a smart youngster, I know you'll ask Miss Sunshade for advice, so she can play too.

Pasts to you

Pacco de Mongrel said...

it seems like princess stella really love playing wit jaf

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Jaffa, you and your sister Stella look so cute playing together. Is she still at your house?

~ Girl girl

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Jaffa (erm Stella too!)
Enjoy your fun vacation with Stella. I didn't know Stella loves to talk that much. LOL!

Bogart said...

Hey Jaffa-man,

I just tagged you for the Middle Name Game - check it out on my blog... maybe Stella can help ya!


Asta said...

That looked like the best time with Stella,xept your poow tongue,what happened ???did you bite yowself??
I'm sowwy i haven't visited fow awhile,i went and saw all youw adventuwes today, you're getting to be such a big bootiful Jaffaman
come visit me sometime too OK?OK?
smoochie smoochie kisses

jaffeboy said...

Stella looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Not as beautiful as Sunshie thou.

I'm glad you two get along fine, Jaffa.

Oh, nice work on Kookie boy's hair. I would do the same.

jaffeboy said...

Jaffa Jaffa, I think postman eat eat the pressie pressie. I wait wait for a few more days ok ok. I ask MaMa to call call the post post to check on the man man.

Thank you thank you Jaffa.

Oh, I think you are now very handsome handsome. I like tall tall boyz boyz.

***blush blush*** KaylieGirl

Koobuss said...

Hi Jaffa and Stella,

My name is Koobuss. Pleased to meet you.

Thanks for signing my blog, Jaffe. You and Stella are really cute. You have a very good looking family, Jaffe. You, your sister Stella, and your Aunt Sunshade are all adorable. You must have a good pair of jeans.

Koobuss Kisses,

jaffeboy said...

Jaffa Jaffa, the big big poster poster U sent is so nice nice. All my friend friend & MaMa's friend friend think it is nice nice.

They all say "aaaawwwwwww...." when they see see the poster poster.

Did the post post man man give give you kookies kookies for breaking the thing thing?!

xoxox Kaylie Kaylie