Sunday, January 21, 2007

Question about blog

Does anybody know how I can get Jaffa's profile up without changing Sunshade's profile to his as well??

The two blogs were created under the same account, and I can't seem to get two profiles. Thanks!

Have a great day,
Sunshade's mum


Boo Casanova said...

hey sunshade's mom,

was checking on the blogger group discussion board coz this is a popular questions. unfortunately the answer is NO! there is no way you can create 2 different profiles under the same account.

so the only way is to create another account for Jaffa's blog.

wet wet licks


Adam Iredale said...

Or alternatively, you could MacGyver something up.
1. Create a dogster profile for each dog and use that instead of the about section.
2. Create a custom section on each dog's site and remove the about section.
3. Make the about section about you (Sunshade's Mum), small and down the bottom (I do this) so that it is relevant for all your blogs.

There are many options. If you decide to create another account for Jaffa's blog, you can easily transfer ownership by making him a contributor, then promoting him to the owner of the blog.

Hope that helps a little,
Texas's Dad.

Joey said...

Just removed Sunshade as contributor (oops.. sorry Sunshade)

Bogart H. Devil said...

Maybe just create a yahoo email address for Jaffa and then use that to register for a second Blogger account?

One of these days I have to get my mom to help you create a Wordpress blog both for you and for Jaffa (something like my one)... I think you need something special!


Charlie said...

If you use a new gmail & Blogger account, your dad can have them to continue posting about Stinky.
I ended up doing that for a team blog so I can hand over admin to others in the future.

Texas's Dad's tricks would work, too, but I've read about problems with the ownership transfer trick on Beta (New) Blogger - test it out on a play blog, before you do it on a real one.

- Anne

Jemma Chihuahua said...

Did you manage to do it or just created a whole new account?

I tried adding my new account as an admin just last week so I could eventually delete the old account and promote this new one to be the owner. BUT, if you saw the last couple of entries, it didn't work and had to redo every single post one by one!

It does look like you've done it though, or perhaps just created a whole new account for Jaffa? Let me know how you did it, curiousity is killing me, lol.

d7y7 said...

Yah, how did you do it?!?!

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Hi, just adding my very little knowledge to probably confuse stuff even more!

I have often wondered how to do this! I have set up three blogs under the one Beta Blogger and yet all three have the same profile, which is incredibly annoying.

In my opinion Blogger does not make any of this stuff easy sometimes and it can get very frustrating.

Keep in touch as I would love to know how you do it?

I set up another Blog within Marvin's for a different type of Blog altogether but still ended up with Marvin The Dog profile!! which did not go with what I was trying to create.....;0(

Jeannie x