Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Puppy Class 3

I went to school to learn learn again. I had so so so much fun fun today.

(mum: Yes you did.... I had a wild kid today. Actually, I should say I had a "normal" Airedale pup today. The fun for me starts now I guess LOL. I took his glued ears off a couple days ago, and he's been very spunky ever since. He had glue stuck to the flaps of his ears, so I clipped the hair off his ears. He looked quite odd with the mohawk on his head and fluff everywhere, so this afternoon, I stripped all his puppy fluff off. I wanted to see how he handled stripping, and well, he did excellent as I had expected. Tail up, no struggle, no wiggling, stood like a champ, show no signs of discomfort.)

Me me when my ears first came off.

They are no no even, so mummy said we wait wait a week for meat meat to relax (Sunshade: meat meat = muscle... *faints*), and maybe they need need to be re-glued. Mummy wants my ears to look look like Sunshade's because we are going to look alike like.

(Sunshade: Oh please...NOOOOOOO!)

This is me me after grooming.

Peeple from my puppy class say say I'm cute and handsome, and I say yes yes I know I know!

(Sunshade: sheesh, last week you would've said "thank you thank you". Your head is certainly growing)

We learn learn "go to your bed". Everytime mummy say say "Jaffa, go to your bed", I had to go go onto this mat.

I have a bed bed at home (Sunshade: MY X-mas pressie...) and I play play and take take chewies there, but I don't go on it when mummy tells me to. Mummy say say we have to work work on it.

We didn't get to play play off-leash today because teachers want us to meet meet big and small dogs (mum: not separating the groups like last week). I want want to play play (Sunshade: play play = chew chew) with peeple first. I watch watch other pups. Then I want to play play, so I went play play.

Me me and Georgia, she is a Mini Labradoodle (miniature poodle X Lab) and she's 14 weeks old.

Me, Georgia, and a teeny girl. I can't remember her name, but she's a Chinchilla X Terror (Sunshade: I think he meant to say, "Chihuahua")

Me me bite bite Turbo's face. Turbo is 4 months old.

Checking Cheater out. Cheater is 5 months old, he is funny funny. He likes to fart fart in class, and he do do that every class. Lisa spray spray the room with yucky smelling stuff (mum: air freshener)

This is Walter, he is 4 months old, and he is a Yorkie X Poodle.

Me checking Noel, the little fire cracker. She is 5 months old and a Beagle X Parson Russel Terrier.

My good friend "Shorty" wasn't here today, so I find find a new good friend. Her name is Lexy, and she is a 14 week old butterfly. (Mum: Pappillon (sp?))

We learn learn how to walk walk nicely on leash. (Sunshade: did you pay *ANY* attention???)

Lisa used me to demonstrate, but I was bad bad. I didn't want her food food, and I look look everywhere except at Lisa.

(Sunshade: geez... does that mean you will still keep biting me as we walk?)

Then I think think for a little bit, and then "hug hug" Lisa's leg. (Sunshade: *ahem* "hump hump")

(mum: yes.. in front of everyone. Lisa did say right away it was a dominance behaviour and not to make a big deal about it, simply walk away or if he is persistent, give him a time out in the crate.)

I met peeple pups too. This is Georgia's peeple sister. She really really like like me. She boo boo her ankle skiing so she had to use use those big silver shiny things. I was brave brave, I wasn't scared.

Then I saw Darcy's peeple sister eating her toe toe (Sunshade: sucking her finger), so I asked her if I can try try too.

Me being happy!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun fun! Why do you have to glue glue your ears down?

Myeo said...

Oh Jaffa, you are really growing into 1 brave boy. You seem to be more friendly than before.

Boy n Baby

jaffeboy said...

OMG, U R a big boy now!!! I think you are taller than me!!!

Joe Stains said...

those classes sure look fun. I think you do look like sunshade! Now you need to learn to listen like sunshade, she is the best behaved dog we have ever seen!