Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Day

Mummy say say we go to a new place today. I was happy happy, Sunshade was happy happy. Sunshade ran ran down the ramp, and I ran ran too. But the ramp was wet wet and I slip slip. I went under the railings and fall fall off the ramp. OWIE OWIE.... but I didn't cry cry because I'm a big big boy. I got up up, and run run after Sunshade again. But I was limp limp..... Mummy was worried.

(mum: I was VERY worried as Sunshade had a similar fall at around 7 months of age and chipped a piece of bone in one of her elbows. The elbow was permanently damaged.)

I ate ate food food in the car, and I sleep sleep. When I opened my eye eyes, I saw a park. Sunshade ran ran to the fence, and I followed her too. I stopped limp limp. Mummy wanted to show show me something behind the fence, but I didn't see anything.

Then mummy take take pictures. Sunshade told me not to look at mummy, I listen listen.

But mummy call "Jaffa Jaffa", and I was so happy happy so I look look.

Mummy took Sunshade and me me for a walk walk. I had sosososososo much fun fun!!! (Sunshade: yeah, you were the only one having fun.)

After the walk walk, mummy took me to this place where lots of nice ladies cuddled me. Then we went into a room, and a peeple came in. Mummy told me he was Dr. Jeff. (Mum: I was so worried so I asked the rehab vet Dr. Bowra to have a look at Jaffa's leg) Dr. Jeff was nice. He pet pet me, and bent bent my leggies. He didn't hurt hurt me, so I didn't complain. I lick lick Dr. Jeff. Mummy wanted to take pictures of my bone bones. Dr. Jeff said no no.

(mum: I wanted to see if his growth plates were damaged. Yes, I'm paranoid. However, Dr. Bowra suggested X-raying at this age would probably be inconclusive. According to him, there are different types of growth plate injuries, most of them don't show up on x-rays until the dog is older. In cases where the growth plates are injured, the pups should be VERY lame. Jaffa showed no pain responses, and had already stopped limping. So he most likely is ok. We are holding off the x-raying and just keeping an eye on it.)

Dr. Jeff really like like me. He said I was so calm calm and I had good good temperament. (mum: he told me I should keep Jaffa. You reading this dad?) (Sunshade: DON'T READ THIS GRANDPA!!!)

I weigh weigh: 11.8 lbs @ 10 weeks

I say by by to Dr. Jeff, and mummy took Sunshade and me to another room room. It had lots of water, and Sunshade was in it.

Sunshade look look like having fun fun.

I want to play play too, so I ran ran around the BIG water bowl to follow Sunshade. (Sunshade: water bowl = "pool".)

I got a little bore bored after a wittle while. I play play with Sunshade's ball balls.

I found found something smell good good. Yummmmmmmy!

I was a good good boy, I just look look at it, and didn't touch it. (Sunshade: YEAH RIGHT!! Everybody, please look at THIS PICTURE.)

Ah oh..... I got caught caught lying.... I was bad bad..

While Sunshade take take a rest, mummy put me in the water bowl. I didn't panic, or climb climb.

The water was so warm warm and comfy. I feel feel sleepy. Mummy had to hold hold my head so my nose didn't go in the water.

I had to go into the tub tub with Sunshade. I didn't mind at all.

I was a little cold cold from being wet. It was a cold cold day, and I shi..shi..shiver..

But I was sleepy too....

When I wake wake up, I was wearing this. I didn't mind mind either.

Miss Maggie, the shirt says "Home for the Holidays". Sowie I ran ran too fast you couldn't see it. I wonder how long it'll fit fit me??

Mummy also bought me 2 small ball balls because I like to retrieve and they fit fit my small mouph better. (Sunshade: they were for ME!!) I gave Sunshade one to chew chew, I love Sunshade, she can always play play my toys.

I really really really like like my ball ball.

I chase chase and bring bring back to mummy.

I pose pose with it.

Sunshade came came and took my ball ball. I said it's ok, you can play play.

Mummy throw throw Sunshade's BIG ball ball for me. (mum: somebody was busy hogging the small tennis balls because they were NEW.)

I brought it back back to mummy.

Sunshade wanted her BIG ball ball back. I said, it's ok ok, I know you are the boss, you can have it I don't need it.

(mum: Sunshade never growled or made a sound, she just "LOOKED" at him, and he rolled on his back for her.)

I love love Sunshade, I want her to be happy happy. I'm ok with no ball balls as long as Sunshade is happy, then I'm happy happy too. It's ok ok too if Sunshade lies on my bed bed. Anything Sunshade does, it's ok ok to me!

Note from mum:

Jaffa really is a sweet sweet boy. He really loves and looks up to Sunshade. You should just see the way he plays with pine cones now, it is one of his favourite things to play with. He is constantly trying to suck up to Sunshade and is still being very respectful. Sunshade is warming up to him. There has been times in the past few days where she wanted to play with him, but the sudden enthusiasm from her had Jaffa a little unsure. Jaffa, of course is always trying to get Sunshade to play - when she is ignoring him...LOL. Soon I think they will have this play thing figured out.


jaffeboy said...

Ooo... Sunshade likes you, Sunshade likes you...

I think U will be staying with mommy instead of grandpa in the end... Lovely!!!

Oscar Airedale said...

Aww Jaffa, we all told you Sunshade would come to accept & even love you. How could she not? As long as you know she's the boss, all will be well.

I LOVE your t-shirt, you are too cute. I think my mum is a bit sad that I don't look at all like a puppy anymore.

Oscar x

Maggie said...

Jaffa, You're such a good boy! You're wearing Sunshade down! Keep it up - she really does love you! I can tell!

Love ya lots,

Bogart said...

Hey Jaffa, I think you're melting Sundshade's heart too... do that cute laying on the back thing with your paws pulled up, that's a good one!


Toby said...

Jaffa, you are such a sweetie. And I too can tell that Sunshade is starting to like you. She's just probably trying to not show it all at once...lol.


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

You are such a cutie...

Boy n Baby

Joe Stains said...

sunshade definitely likes Jaffa, but don't tell her we figured it out!

you are soooo cute, we can barely stand it. You think if I give doofus a perm he will look more like you??

Sweets-littlebigman said...

Mom says you are sooo handsome, just like me! I am glad that your leg is okay. Hopefully there won't be any permanent damage. It is sooo good that you are submissive to Sunshade. I think she likes you! Probably moreso because you do that upside down with your legs in the air thingy.

Love and Smoochies,

P.S. Don't tell Sunshade that my mom thinks you are handsome. Unless, of course, you tell Sunshade that she is beautiful!

Marvin The Dog said...

ssssssh!Hush! Jaffa! Welcome to the Blogging World, but don't tell my sweetheart Miss Sunshade I have visited your smelly Blog but I think you are just the darned cutest wee pup ever!

I would love you to be my pal and play!

Sunshade said she was going to send you to me - you are the sweetest wee soul!

I just love your Puppy Smell, takes me back to my youth.

ps I think Sunshade loves you really but she don't want to admit it yet. Please don't tell her I visited you until I break the news gently to my darling one.

love and Puppy Licks to my new sweet pal, from Marvin xxxx

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Jaffa,
Everythime I visit your blog, you seem to have grown and are becoming a real handsome boy boy! Glad to know that your paw paw is ok after that nasty fall..
Continue to learn learn from Sunshade ok?!

Scrappy said...

What a cutie you are and what fun it must be having Sunshade to show you the ropes. That was scary about your leg I sure hope it is okay.

Tail wags