Monday, November 9, 2009

Stellie Day

See see, Jaffaman happy happy, Stellie came to play play today!!

Hi everyone, its me Stella, short for Princess Stella in case you have forgotten!

Aunty Elaine asked my KOOKIE mummy aka CHEEEEEESIE mummy (I'm a cheese loving Princess so she always has cheese in her pocket for her little princess you know what I mean?) Anyways, Aunty Elaine asked my CHEESIE mummy to bring me over because my beautiful long silky Princess quality hair was getting a little too long. Let me show you my long silky hair.

Obviously, I'm the Princess on the left. I'm sure nobody can mistaken Princess Stella! That's my brother Jaffa on the right, he's got boy-ish hair, and he still talks kinda funny, but I still love him lots you know what I'm saying?

Where was I???

Oh right, my hair. You see, I was attracting too much attention due to my long beautiful hair. Since I'm a proper Princess, too much un-wanted attention is not appreciated you know what I mean? So here I am going through phase 1 of my Princess make over! According to Aunty Elaine, there will be 4 phases.

(Sunshade: MUM!! We NEEEEED to have a TAAAAAAAALK ASAP!)

Before Aunty Elaine started on my make over, I was like, could I pleeeeeeeeese play with Jaffa first?? My wish was granted, but then again, who wouldn't grant a Princess her wish you know what I mean?

My brother is still a little silly. He did this to the camera, and I was like.......

Every Princess had to take classes to learn proper etiquette, so I was like let Princess Stella give you some pointers dear brother,

(Sunshade: You're LOOKING at it!!)

(Stella: Ooops, you caught me Aunty Sunshade.... Sorry Princ....umm... Sorry I'm wrong....)

Stellie-tellie, Jaffaman talk talk now ok??

Me me and Stellie play play, see see,

My Sunshade said said we no no smell good, so she go go outside to guard guard, see see,

My Sunshade brave brave and nice nice, me love love you!! (Sunshade: NEVER write that again on a public website please!)

Ok ok, me no no say you brave brave and nice nice ok?? But me still love love you ok ok?

(Sunshade: *extreme eye roll*.... *speechless*)

Then see see,

We hear hear my Sunshade,

(Stella: I heard Aunty Sunshade yelling, so I was like, well....

Silly Jaffa was like we play play or something like that, so Princess Stella trusted my brother you know what I mean?

(Sunshade: STINKIES are so useless!)

Then something scawy happened. I was like oh no, Princess Stella shouldn't have trusted my silly brother completely....)

Jaffaman and Stellie hurry hurry outside, see see,

My Sunshade said said go go PRODUCE!!

(Sunshade: *faints* OMG! Your language skill...... Being Productive does NOT = Produce!)

(Sunshade: you call that guarding STINKY #2?? What are you "producing" anyway STINKY??)

Jaffaman did did it!

(Sunshade: you produced a BOTTLE????? Did you steal that from a homeless person again??)

Jaffaman produced and kill killed it!! You proud proud Sunshade?

(Sunshade: STINKY brings garbage home all the time from his walks. He especially likes plastic bottles. If you let him off-leash, he will go steal bottles out of homeless people's bugies and run away with them yelling after him!!! Who steals from a homeless person??? So embarrassing!)

(mum: Stella came for Stage 1 of her grooming. I haven't been able to strip her, so she has been clipped for the past year or so. Her coat has lost some colour and is quite soft, so I have decided to do a complete reset of her coat. That means........

I have never stripped her or Jaffa bald before, but because I want to get rid of the clipped coat completely, I have decided to strip her down. She was very good as usual, fell asleep on the grooming table!

Once I finish the 4 Stages of hand stripping, Stella's coat will come in with the rich black and tan colouring. There are pictures of Stella from back when she was stripped.)


Maggie and Mitch said...

How nice that you got to spend so much time with Stella, Jaffa!
Mitch brings home all sorts of stuff on our walkies - empty bottles and used coffee cups, etc! He's such a trashbag!
Stella is going to be beautiful once her fur starts to grow back!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Ellen said...

Stella has such a beautiful head. Classic.

Stella, I love your style, know what I mean?