Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thing things for my birfday!!!

Jaffaman is lucky lucky and happy happy. Me got got so many thing things for ME ME!! Some come come in the mail, see see,

Mummy said said Jaffa sit sit with thing things ok ok?? Me said said OK OK, no problemo!!!

My friend friends Maggie and Mitchy give Jaffaman big big box. See see, yummy yummy lambie liver treat treats, and a purple banana with Jaffaman on it (Sunshade: bandanna), and a yellow buck buck buck bugaaaAAAWWWK (Sunshade: I think he meant "chicken", maybe one that's not well..).

Thing thing in silver box is no no for Jaffaman.....

See see Jaffaman's banana????

Maggie & Mitchy mommy use hand hand and make make banana for Jaffaman!!!!! Mummy said said Jaffa look cute cute and handsome handsome. Me said said thank you thank you mummy, and THANK YOU THANK YOU Maggie & Mitchy & your mommy!

(mum: I LOVE it Sue, thanks so much. I love all the handmade stuff from you!!)

Mummy said said do me want a yummy yummy?? I said said YESSSSSS PLEEEEEEEASE!!!

Me got a card card too with me me on it, (Sunshade: it's not YOU, it's a CALM, gorgeous, dignified looking Airedale! Is that you Maggie??)

LOOK LOOK what Maggie & Mitchy give give mummy!!

(mum: I couldn't believe it when I opened the package! I had no idea they had those cookie cakes!)

Jaffaman said said to mummy can me me have some and grow big big??? See see, it say say "bigger Jaffa" on box!!!

(Sunshade: I sure wanna take a BIG BITE out of those..... HA HA HA!!)

Me me got more yummy thing things from pretty Faya. See see,

Mummy said said look at cute cute Faya. Me said said Faya is pretty pretty just like my Kaylie Kaylie!!

Mummy said said does Jaffaman want a yummy yummy?? I said said ok ok, thank you thank you mummy!

My wittle friend friend Girl Girl sent Jaffaman a BIG BIG box , see see, cute cute toys, and treat treats, and towel with my name name on it, and thing things for mummy too!

(Sunshade: some of the toys are MINE! I want the pink seal, and the vanilla donut cause I don't like chocolates!)

Ok ok Sunshade, you have pink pink stuffy and white white donut ok ok?

My blue blue towel with my name name on it. Do Jaffaman look good good??

(Sunshade: very HANDSOME!!)

Cute cute Girl Girl made cute cute card card for Jaffaman, see see,

Jaffaman said said thank you thank you Girl Girl.

Mummy got got a banana too from Eil.

(mum: a BEAUTIFULLY hand knitted scarf from Eileen. A pair of hand made earrings, a handmade bracelet, and two Airedale figurings!! Thank you so much, you over did yourself Eileen!!)

Jaffaman got more thing things. WOW WOW!! Green green baggie is from Stellie and KOOKIE family!

Red red bowl bowl from mummy and my Sunshade, and I said said thank you thank you, Jaffaman is a STUD-DUD!! (Sunshade: okay... that's very un-STUDily talk...)

My Sunshade gave me card cards too, see see,

You see see my Sunshade's paw paw?? Mummy said said Sunshade's paw paw smell like popcorn or hot hot rice. I said said I no no smell rice, and no no popcorn corn...

(Sunshade: "hot hot = steamy"...., okay... enough info there!!)

(Sunshade: so I couldn't pick which ONE card to give to STINKY, so I got both since both of them somewhat spoke my mind.)

Thank you thank you Sunshade, Jaffaman love love you!!

Then me open thing things from Stellie and KOOKIE family,

WOW WOW, see see, a water Wubba. Aunty Maureen said said this is for Jaffaman because he can swim swim now! And a squeaky racoon-coon, and a long long yummy yummy! (Sunshade: it's a Bully Stick!)

Long long yummy smell good good, so me said said I want this first ok ok?

Mummy said said let me take plastic off ok ok?? Jaffaman said said ok ok, but hurry huuuuuuurry!!

Mummy said said OK OK, take it Jaffa!


Thank you thank you Stellie and KOOKIE family, Jaffaman happy happy!

Stellie Stellie's KOOKIE boy make make a card card for me me, see see,

KOOKIE boy write write like Jaffaman too!!

(Sunshade: He just wrote that so you would understand. My card from Aaron was perfectly normal!)

Jaffaman love love my friend friends, thank you thank you!! Me me is HAPPY HAPPY!


Molly the Airedale said...

You got so many wonderful gifts, Jaffa! We're so glad you like the banana and the treats and the goofy chicken! Tell your mom to enjoy the Jaffa cakes! We'll send her more if she needs them! BTW, that dignified Dale is NOT me! I'm not THAT dignified, but thanks for the thought!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Joe Stains said...

You got so so many good pressies, wow! I especially liked that bully stick. It was very nice of you to share with sunshade!

Stanley said...

Jaffa Man!!

You are SO LOVED, buddy. Not only does your mama love you, but your Aunty Sunshade finally admitted that she loves you, and your STellie, and her kookie family, and Girl Girl, and Faya, and so many other pups, hammies, and peeps!!

There's one more (actually 2 more) pups who love you... ME and my own sissy, Stella!! (Yes, I have my own Stella ~ you have to come over and meet her. She's tiny tiny). My hooman girl also loves you, man!

Goober love & birthday smooches,
Stanley (& MY Stella)

Myeo said...

Wow, Jaffa you are scoring.

Those are great gifts! We never knew that there were Jaffa cakes either. We bet Sunshade will be glad if she can have a bite of 'Jaffa' :P

Boy n Baby

jaffeboy said...

wow... Jaffa Jaffa, U received soooo many nice nice gift.

Sorry sorry Jaffa. I late late with pressie pressie. MaMa ordered things things late late.

MaMa went to postman today & hand him the things things for you. He promise it'll reach U by next Tue!

Jaffa Jaffa, U have to keep watch for postman ok?!

Kirby said...


What a haul!! You should turn one all the time! Did you get to try any of the Jaffa cookies? They sure looked good to me. Have fun with all your toys and sport that bandana. It looks quite sharp on you!!

Your pal,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

You got alot of pawsome gifts Jaffa. :) Hope you had a wonderful birthday

~ Girl girl

Noah the Airedale said...

Your a lucky boy Jaffa with great friends.
Glad you had a great birthday.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah, Willow, Tess & Lucy

Ben & Darling said...

Wow wow wow, so many pressie !!! Looks like you have a great barkday hah.