Tuesday, November 13, 2007

365 Days Old!!!

Me me and Stellie is 365 days old today! Mummy said said it's called a birfday. Sunshade said said she won because she got got 7 birfdays already...... Me me want to have 7 too........

Mummy got got Jaffaman a YUMMMMMMMMY YUMMMMMMMMY cake, see see,

(Stella: Ummmmm..... Jaffa, you forgeted to say Elaine got Princess Stella one too. Ohhhh you're so silly!

My cake is like the prettyst colour. I think that's like Aunty Sunshade's favourite colour, but Princess Stella likes it too you know what I'm saying??)

Mummy put put Jaffaman and Stellie's yummy yummy on little stool, like this this,

(Stella: Elaine was like Jaffa and Princess Stella sit so we can take some pictures. I was like of course, Princesses always listen.

My brother was so silly, he was like my tongue tongue tired from play play, so me lie lie like this ok ok?)

(mum: they had had a big romp in the yard prior to cake time.)

Mummy said said ok ok good good Jaffa and Stellie go eat eat. I said said ok ok, but where is my Sunshade???

(Sunshade: YEA MUM! Where was I???? Huh huh huh??

I'll tell you where I was. I spent the whole morning running errands with mum like a good dogter. I even went to pick the cakes up with mum, and guess what my EVIL mum did???

She left me in SunshadeMOBILE while the STINKIES pawtied!!!!)

(mum: I'm sorry Sunshade...... but you know how you are around food and I really can't have you eating THREE cakes you know... because of your *ahem* weight issue... and it was their birthday....)

(Sunshade: Whatever! THREE cakes sound an awful lot better than being left in the car! HMMMMMMPH!)

(Stella: Please don't like fight ok Aunty Elaine and Aunty Sunshade. Princess Stella doesn't like loud noises you know what I mean??

Anyway, the cake was like very yummy. I liked the cream cheese icing so I eated that first.)

Me me like blue blue thing things tooooo!

Then me said said to Stellie, Jaffaman try try your pink pink thing things ok ok?

(Stella: Elaine was like Princess Stella eat lots ok and she like touched the blue stool and it wobbled. So I was like no way is Princess Stella going to eat from something that wobbles you know what I'm saying??? Princesses don't eat from wobbly tables!! (mum: Stella can still sometimes be startled by certain new objects, but she recovers fast.)

So my KOOKIE boy was like ok Princess Stella, I'll hold your cake for you!! He's like the bestest KOOKIE boy!

My silly brother Jaffa was like it's ok ok to eat eat from move move things.)

(mum: things that wobble?? I think that's what he's trying to say)

Jaffaman LOVE LOVE blue thing things. Yummy yummy and creamy creamy! See see, blue thing things all gone,

Stellie Stellie said said can Princess Stella try your cake??

Me said said ok ok, but wait for Jaffaman to finish first ok ok?? See see, me take take cake,

(Sunshade: OMG! What kind of response is THAT??) (mum: He learns from the best LOL!)

Mummy said said no no eat whole cake ok ok Jaffaman? Mummy said said me me share share with Stellie Stellie.

(mum: Jaffa was not aggressive in any way, there wasn't a single growl. He just wanted to take the WHOLE thing to eat LOL.)

KOOKIE boy said said he hold hold Jaffaman and Stellie's cakes. Me said said ok ok, thank you thank you!

But Jaffaman said said me want Stellie's cake ok ok??

Me remember my Sunshade do do this to my KOOKIES, see see,

So me learn learn from my Sunshade,

and me do do this to Stellie Stellie's cake.....

(Sunshade: Now, the next step is - BRING whatever food you got TO your AUNT. Get it?)

Mummy said said Jaffaman no no good good.....

(Stella: I'm a Princess, I like my food to be breaked down to bite sizes you know what I mean?? My KOOKIE mummy gived me bit by bit!!

My silly brother likes big big bites!)

(Sunshade: What exactly does "pulling a Sunshade" mean?????

Not only were you bad mouthing me behind my back mum, I heard Aunty Maureen say "Gotta save some for Sunshade!", and you said "NO, IT'S OK!!"

Don't you know, it's NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT okay, OKAY??


After Jaffaman and Stellie eat eat cakes, mummy said said ok ok, here comes Aunty Sunshade!!!

My Sunshade got got a wittle cake too, see see,

Sunshade said said Jaffa and Stellie sit sit, and no no move... see see,

(Stella: Aunty Sunshade was like I don't want you STINKIES around MY cake you know what I'm saying??

So ummmm..... she like, watched us from the corner of her eyes while she eated.

I was like I'm a good Princess you know what I'm saying, so I like standed far far away.

My brave brother Jaffa was like it's ok ok Stellie, see see, me me is close close.

Finally Aunty Sunshade was like ok I'm all done.

And Princess Stella was like WHEWWWWWWWW...... the world is safe again,

Everything is fine again.)

Jaffaman got got a stickie, see see,

We play played with KOOKIE boy,

See see, KOOKIE boy like like me!!!

Then mummy and my Sunshade said said Jaffa and Stellie, come get pressies!!! See see, me got got a STUD bowl bowl, and card cards from my Sunshade and the KOOKIE boy!!

(Stella: Princess Stella got a DIVA bowl because well, I'm umm... a DIVA! I also got like cards from Aunty Sunshade, brother Jaffa and Elaine!)

(mum: HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY to my two favourite Aire-pups!

JaffaMAN, it's been a joy watching you grow from a laid back, wee pup to the handsome, outgoing, happy go lucky fellow that you are today. I LOVE YOU so much!!

Ohhh Stella, what a year it's been for you. It's so great to see you come out of your shell and being loved so much by your KOOKIE family. Talk about a dream come true for a little Princess! Love you LOTS and LOTS!!

My dear dear Sunshade, even tho it's not your birthday quite just yet, I still have to say something because, well my world revolves around you. I know this hasn't been an easy year for you with the pups, but you have taught them so much. They love and look up to you. As always, I love you, and you continue to amaze me day after day with the little things you do, stunts you pull.)

(Sunshade: I want a BIG cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Snowball said...

Happy Birthday to Jaffaman and Princess Stella. What are your brithday wishes? I hope they all come true.

I am sorry that you have yet to receive the package I have sent. Why is the pastal service at your side always take longer than other places? I hope you will receive it soon. I am keeping my paws crossed that they dun get lost...


Harry said...

Looks like you had an excellent birthday young man! Those cakes look scrumptious!

Something tells me Sunshade will get a big old cake for her birthday!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Mojo said...

Happy Birthday Jaffa and Stella! Nice looking cakes - bet they tasted good too. Lucky pups!


Maggie & Mitch said...

Your birthday cakes are just beautiful, Jaffa and Stella! It was so nice that Sunshade got one too! We LOVE your fancy food dishes! Those are so cool!
And we love the end of your posting when mom is speaking. We're still wiping away the tears!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Joe Stains said...

happy birthday jaffaman!! I am glad you got some awesome cake for your birthday and that you got to share it with Stella...the birthday, not the cake ;) I do feel for Miss Sunshade, I can't believe she is still on a diet she looks great to me!!!

Lillie Valentine said...

Happy birthday to Jaffa and Stella! I can't believe that you are already a year old. Wish we could have been there to help you celebrate

eliza said...

Happy Birthday jaffaboy and stellie!

Boo said...

i'm such a lousy friend, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAFFA & STELLA!

sorry late ones!

wet wet licks


Lacy said...

woofies Jaffa and Stellie and Sunshade!!! Happy birfday to u two...me hoppies u got lots of pressies and treawts...

b safe,

Noah the Airedale said...

Happy birthday Happy birthday Jaffa and Stella.
You're a lucky boy Jaffa to get a cake. It was my birthday on Thursday and I didn't get a cake just a pillow.

You're very brave around Sunshade.

Ps. My sissies send birthday woofs to you

jaffeboy said...

Happy burpday Jaffa & Stellie!!!! Sorry I missed your burpday Jaffaman. I'm a bad bad girl. MaMa is a bad bad girl too, she didn't remind me!!!

Hope you had a good one!!!

Putter said...

What an AWESOMEST EVER BIRFDAY JAFFA and Stella TOO!!!!!! That looked like one bestest ever celebration!!!!!!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Bogart said...


Big Aire Kisses,


Kirby said...

Hi Jaffa & Stella,

Looks like you both had totally pawsome first birthdays. I'm still drooling over your cakes. They look soooo yummy! Jaffa, I'm a huge fan of your method of eating. I like to keep it all for myself (if possible) too! Mom loves your new food bowls, she keeps giggling over the Stud and Diva. Happy happy birthday to you both!!!

Your pal,

Toby said...

Happy Barkday Jaffa!! Sorry we didn't stop by sooner, but we've been MIA from blogging for a while.

But none the less, "I wish you a Very Very Happy Barkday!!"


Stanley said...

Happy Happy 365 Days, Jaffa!!!

You and your Stellie look like you had a blast on your birthday. Your cakes were very yummy looking, and you got some great prezzies too.

Enjoy being one! You're officially no longer a STINKY.

Goober love,