Monday, March 26, 2007

SENSE-ation Harness

Mummy made me wear straps everywhere, and I no like it because I couldn't pull pull to catch up to Sunshade anymore.....

I like to walk walk like this!!!

(mum: I'm not sure if it shows from the angle the video was taken, but I was in front with Sunshade, and Jaffa was REALLY pulling Veronica towards us.)

Mummy said said that's bad bad way to walk, so she put this on me.

Side View:

Front View:

(mum: It's called a SENSE-ation Harness. The leash is attached to the ring in front. It works by gently applying pressure behind the dog's front legs and shoulders when the dog is pulling. Instinctively, the dog will try to brace against the pressure which in turn will turn the dog into you. Basically if your dog pulls, he's gently led back to you by the harness.

I personally prefer the SENSE-ation Harness over Halti's because when a dog a lunges on a Halti, the neck gets snapped back and you risk damaging neck vertebrates. My vet has seen quite a few neck injuries in dogs caused by their Halti's. Needless to say, the harness is probably more comfortable for the dog. This is also what trainers from Jaffa's puppy class recommended for training.

Please note, below is what the harness actually looks like.

I had to do a bit of improvising with Jaffa's harness because the harness was used for the Bouvier (90 lbs) that lived with us for a while. It is the right size for Jaffa when he's full grown, but way too big for him right now. I had to bunch up the straps here and there and tie them with elastic bands to make the harness fit for now.

If you would like to read more about the SENSE-ation/SENSE-ible harness, please visit their website:

This is how I walk walk with strap straps on...... I couldn't go fast fast like I like to, so I cry cry a little...

(Sunshade: Ok, I gotta put my two cents in on the SENSE-ation Harness as well. Sure yea it stops pulling, BUT...

What the SENSE-ation Harness will NOT do:

1. It will not stop a stinky from biting his PERFECT Aunt.

2. It will not stop a stinky from getting in the way of his PERFECT Aunt.

3. It will not stop a stinky from going left to right and tangling his leash up with his PERFECT Aunt's.

4. It will not stop a stinky from being self-glued to his PERFECT Aunt.

Other than that, the harness is pretty good. Oh, and if you or you know someone who can invent something that will stop the above 1-4 from happening, please let me know. I would be very interested in barking with you, thank you.

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade)


Vel said...

wow that harness sure looks cool cool on ya! (well too bad for miss such harness can eva meet her requirements) wahahahaha!!

Oscar Airedale said...

The harness seems to work pretty well. I used to pull, but I walk well now apart from when I see a squirrel!!

Oscar x

Maggie said...

Mitch pulls when he walks and he picks up all sorts of stuff he finds along the roadside! Thanks for telling us about the harness. Mom will have to look into it!

Love ya lots,

macgoogle said...

Hey J & S,
Mum and Dad made me wear the Halti the other day and it sucks. I am licking Dad's leg right now to encourage him to buy a Sense-ation harness for me.

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

jaffeboy said...

hmmm... I don't usually pull unless I see cat cat. MaMa is very fierce with me when I pull on the leash. So I guess MaMa is the harness for me... hehehe

The Airechicks said...


Yeah but the harness does add to your cuteness factor.....

Since you go to school maybe you won't have to wear it long....

Your still too cute....

Joe Stains said...

jaffa you will learn to be the perfect leash walker soon, but for now that thing looks frustrating!

Toby said...

Hey Jaffa, that's a pretty cool harness. I know it probably feels strange at first, but it'll ok once you get use to it. I felt bad for you when I heard you cry...but Mommy said its just b/c you weren't quite sure yet. I know you can do it!!


Fu Fu said...

Woh that harness seems to work pretty well. Good job on the walking too Jaffa.

~ fufu

Putter said...


I was a champion puller when I was your age ... I now use a prong collar and it works well for me ... :) You are growing like a weed, Jaffa ... Talk to you soon!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Faya said...

Hello Jaffa ! Thank you so much for my new collar, it is just perfect to me ! I send you a lot of kisses, Faya

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

The harness seems to be effective.

Boy n Baby