Sunday, March 25, 2007

First time to UBC (19 weeks old)

I will be 19 weeks old tomorrow. Mummy saw hot hot thing in the sky come out, and she said, "let's take Sunshade and Jaffa out out!!" (mum: I said one "out" only.) (Sunshade: she said "Sunshade and STINKY" as I recall)

Mummy clean cleaned some hair off my handsome face in the morning. She said said she had to take some pictures of me me, because I am growing so fast fast.

I was a good good boy, I pose pose, just like how Sunshade pose pose for mummy. I try-tried to be a good 'dale like Sunshade.

I pose posed with Sunshade too!

This is my side side profile,

Do you think I look look a little bit like Sunshade??

(mum: I LOVE the terrier expression in their side profiles, no goofiness whatsoever.)

Mummy took took lots of pictures, and I was tired.... I asked mummy to stop stop,

Sunshade said said "close your eye eyes",

So I listen listened, and mummy stop-toped. My Sunshade is so smart smart!!

This was my first first time at UBC, mummy said said it's her old school. I guess mummy had to learn learn how to "sit-sit" and "down-down" and "paw-paw" and "no bite" and play play nicely with other peeple just like I had to.

Mummy said said because I was a good good boy, I could play play without my line line. Sunshade had to have her line line because she has boo boo mussel. (Sunshade: line line = leash, mussel = muscle). I love love to do everything Sunshade do do, and follow her everything because she knows how to have fun fun!! (Sunshade: do you see me biting another dog's face 24/7 or attaching myself to another dog??)

I ran ran, but I'm a good good boy. It wasn't me me that made the blue thing thing fall, just ask Sunshade.

(Sunshade: it was him *smirks*) (mum: It WASN'T him! Jaffa, don't ask Sunshade next time ok??)

I found a stick stick,

My Aunty Veronica got a stick stick too. (Sunshade: it was for ME!!) I love to chew chew on stick sticks, so I tried to pull pull,

Sunshade said said she didn't want stinky stick stick, so she gave it to me.

Why was the stick stinky stinky?? I didn't smell anything. (Sunshade: I would tell you why, but mum said I shouldn't. It might hurt your self-esteem)

Ok ok, stick-tick is mine!! I bite bite, Veronica walk walk me with the stick-tick!

Auntie Veronica put on my real line line when we crossed the road.

(mum: the leash is wrapped around his waist because he has a tendency to pull if Sunshade is in front.)

Sunshade saw saw something, and she stopped in the middle of the road. I stop stop too late, and I hit hit Sunshade and bounce bounced off Sunshade. Sowie Sunshade, I didn't mean to..... I don't know what Sunshade saw saw.......

(Sunshade: maybe if you were walking straight instead of hanging off my cheek while you walked, you would've seen the squirrlie I saw. Grrrrrr!!)

Sunshade took mummy to the other side side, so I told Auntie Veronica I wanted to go go too.

And then mummy said said more picture time!! And I said said okaaaay.....

We walk walk more, and Sunshade stopped to see see again. I tried to see see too, but I didn't see see anything.....

Then Sunshade took us to this fun fun place. She was so happy happy to go there, so I was happy happy too. There were lots lots of pine cone cones, so I was happy happy happy happy (Sunshade: I think he meant "very" happy, very = 4 X happy)

I zoom zoom left, (Sunshade: see my ruined photos?)

I zoom zoom right,

I zoom zoom down,

I did did ZOOMIES!!!!

(Sunshade: that's a piece of ROTTEN banana peel he picked up at the end, just thought I'd point it out.)

I did did more ZOOMIES, and play played pine cone cones, and I hit hit Veronica by accident.....sowwie....

(Sunshade: Veronica said at the end of the video that the way our tails wag together was funny. Of course, I did the most wagging.)

I pose pose as lion king, because mummy said said I'm the King of All Terriers!! (Sunshade: HA HA HA!)

And then it was time to go go... I was tired tired, so I said ok ok.

See you! See you!

(mum: Here are photos of Sunshade at 18-19 weeks.

Ohhh yes, my fluffy teddy!)


Maggie said...

Hi Jaffa,
Maggie said I could write to you. I think you're so cute and I wish so much we could play together! OOPS- I'm all done. Sorry Maggie!
Hi Jaffa,
Maggie here - you do wierd stuff just like my little brother Mitch! It's sure fun watching the two of you grow up!

Love ya lots,
Maggie & Mitch

Oscar Airedale said...

Great zoomies Jaffa. I like picking up gross banana skins & stuff too.

You are lookming so handsome. Is mum stripping your face hair? Mum is taking me to stripping class in April. Sounds a but rude if you ask me!

Oscar x

Toby said...

Jaffa you are looking like a very handsome airedale now! Loving the side profiles! I think you and Sunshade and my good friend Oscar will have to give me lessons in how to pose! gundogs aren't as good at it as terriers are! My big brother Tramp was a good poser...and he was a terrier! I need lessons.....

I love picking up yucky stuff too...mum says not too but it tastes soooo nice!


Joe Stains said...

jaffa you are soo funny zooming all over and jumping and running!! I loved that video! just dont eat more gross banana skins!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

We thought it was funny to have the leash on your waist rather than on your neck. But it was a good idea.

Boy n Baby

Vel said...

Jaffa dale ur soooo farny! zooomin zooom zoooom here n there n everywhere!