Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weird fing

Mummy came to see Jaffman, and she said I got somefing for you!! See see,

I said what is the weird fing??

Mummy said sit sit Jaffaman, and I said ok ok, but me no no want to wait long ok?? (Sunshade: this video demonstrates one good retriever, and one shaky, annoying + greedy + pushy terrorist!)

(mum: Well, Jaffa had the BEST role model to learn all that from didn't he?? Simba likes tennis balls and ONLY tennis balls. Jaffa usually likes everything. However... I think he's found a new obsession LOL!)

(Sunshade: no, he just wants whatever it is that somebody else has!)

Then I said me go rest on comfy chair wif my ball ball now ok?

Me love love it!! (Sunshade: you NEVER did! You only love it now because you see how "special" it is to Simba!)

Good good Simba, he give mummy ball ball like this,

Me no no give ball ball to mummy, me got ball ball in my mouf. Mummy said wait wait Simba. Jaffaman came to see why wait wait, (Sunshade: Hi, welcome to the blog of the World's NOSIEST Dog!)

(mum: that's part of being an Airedale!! BOTH Sunshade and Jaffa have always been very "curious" as I would like to call it!

Me no no know why Simba wait wait,

So I said Simba and mummy wait wait, Jaffaman take the ball ball ok?

(Sunshade: Simba was waiting POLITELY to have mum kick the ball for him, and stooopid just went and took the ball!)

Simba no no know where ball ball is, see, he look look left, look look right,

Then mummy got ball ball from Jaffaman and give to Simba. I said its ok ok, Jaffaman can share! (Sunshade: that was HIS ball to begin with!)

Mummy said Jaffaman Simba READY?????

And GO!!!

(Sunshade: I don't think I need to tell you which greedy dog got the ball.)

The weird fing stayed here for long long time. Good good Jaffaman said to mummy you bring it for my Sunshade to play play ok??

My Sunshade happy happy with weird fing!


Karen Raye and Bentley Beargrass said...

Awfully sweet of you to share the weird fing! Have a great day!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Hey Jaffa!
I whine just like you when I'm excited and want something and I think that everything should belong to me too! We Dale boys are best!

Yer friend,
Mitchy Boy

Asta said...

I stawted talking along wif you as soon as I heaw you ask fow that Fing, hehehe
Simba suwe is patient..that must be hawd, honestly hoomans shouldn't tease us like that..i think we should all get a fing to play wif
smoochie kisses

ellen said...

Waste not, want not, Jaffa! What a good boy to share with Sunshade. You are such a nice guy. I wonder if sometimes you're too nice to her ...