Sunday, May 13, 2007

My tongue tongue / No more crate crate!!

Sunshade said said she's got a nice tongue tongue because it has pretty pretty spots on them. See, like this,

So I told mummy come look at my tongue tongue toooooo! Mummy said said O-K Jaffaman, show me your tongue tongue, open mouth wide wide,

I said ok ok, like this??

Mummy said said not wide wide enough... so I said said ok ok me try try harder!

But still no no see see spots..... So mummy moved my lip lip up up to see my spots.

See see Sunshade, I got pretty pretty spots just like you!! Mummy said said it's because our blood blood are the same same. (mum: same bloodlines)

(Sunshade: this reminds me of a funny funny story involving my silly mum. You know I was mum's first ever dog, she was 16. Even tho grandpa came back and forth every other months up until I was about 1 year old, mum was my main care taker and we lived on our own. One day when I was about the same age as STINKY ~ 6 months old, mum noticed a couple of black spots on my tongue. It was 11 pm at night, and mum FREAKED OUT!

Mum said it was probably cancer or I was sick or I had parvo or rabies or (
basically, she was just naming all the diseases she knew of). So grandpa told mum that he would take me to the vet to have my "tongue" checked the next day while mum was at school. But did my mum say ok???

NOOOO!! She's more stubborn than an Airedale sometimes I tell ya. She made grandpa drive me and her to the emergency clinic at 12 am to have my "diseased tongue" checked out.......

$250 later (
vet said it was "safer" if we ran some blood works *eye-roll*), it was just PIGMENTATION!!

Grandpa still shakes his head and teases mum about it even 'til today LOL.)

Jaffaman has been good good. Mummy said said me me can sleep sleep outside my crates crate because me me is good good. (mum: I took this picture from upstairs)

Me stretch stretch...

Sleeeepy Jaffaman... no no bright light light ok ok? (Sunshade: flash)

Me me no chew chew on things things like these:

(Sunshade: this is an Aire-purifier aka. STINKY-purifier.)

The chatty machine.

(Sunshade: my sloppy mum leaves tv/dvd remotes lying around everywhere, maybe STINKY and I ought to chew them up one day to teach her a lesson!!!)

When me me wake up up and mummy no no there, I play play with my toys, and wait wait for mummy to come and take me out out to pee pee. Then mummy hug hug me and say say Jaffaman's a goooooood boy!

(mum: I haven't been using Jaffa's crate for the last two weeks or so. He has been doing great, and I'm very thankful he hasn't chewed anything or eaten anything (well, other than my gummy worms..) he wasn't suposed to. )


Faya said...

Oh Jaffa you are the best I tell you ! And your tongue is perfect even with those spots. It makes it special, like you and Sunshade. Kiss, Faya

Oscar Airedale said...

Hey Jaffa, I have the black spot too - can I be in your gang?

Yay, no more crate! Isn't in the best? I mean, I thought I loved my crate but now I am freeeeee I love it even more.

Are Gummy Bears tasty, hehehe?

Oscar x

jaffeboy said...

Jaffa Jaffa, U did well. It is nice nice to sleep sleep on bed bed. I no bite bite on things but chew chew on MaMa's shoe shoe, 4 so far! hehehe... MaMa angry angry but still love loves me.


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Do all Airedales have black spots on their tongues? We will get Mama to check ours later.

Boy n Baby

Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Jafa...your a big boy now too sleeping on your own!!! That is GREAT.

I like the spots...makes you even more special than you already are!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Maggie said...

I got spots on my tongue too! I'm not sure about Mitch wayyyyyyyyyy in the back! Gotta check *winking*
OMG Jaffa, I can't believe no crate for you! This will NEVER happen to Mitch! He's a thief! He steals all mom's stuff - for attention!

Love ya lots,

Boo said...

jaffa, you are good good. can't believe you and sunshade have the exact same pigmentation! soooooooo cute!

wet wet licks


Stanley said...

Hey, Jaffaman!
You are such a MAN MAN!
I'll check my tongue for a black spot.

maggie said...

jaffa , i have a black spot 2 !!!!! my mom freaked out when she first noticed it , and brought me th the e-vet . you ate your moms gummy worms , i ate one of my moms gummy bears once it was yummy . i tell ya , my mom is addictid to thoes things

PreciOus said...

Hey Jaffa,

You are such a cutie trying to show your spots! *Grinz*

Wow, no more crate crate. You are a big boy now! Does Sunshade find you smell nicer?


wally said...

Ha! Beautiful tongues; it's awesome how we're all unique. The story about your mum is funny! (It's nice to have someone worry about us--even when they make us rest because we strained our groin muscle flirting!)

Can I put my sissy in your crate jaffa?


Putter said...


I am three and I am still in MY crate! Can you talk to my Mom ... PLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEEE??????? You are a goodest boy Jaffaman!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Sweets-littlebigman said...

Hi ya Jaffa! I just got liberated from my crate a couple of weeks ago too. Isn't it fantastic. Freedom...gotta love it. The story of your Mum worrying about you was cute. I got my Mom to check my tongue. No black spots. Gee, you are special. I guess it's an Airedale thing, no?


Asta said...

Jaffa, what a bootiful tongue you have, it's quite gorgeous, wish you lived closer and could give me a kissy with it.
I guess we're growing up , I' not crated anymore either,as of about a's still around just in case.
My Mommi and I rolled around laughing about your story with the midnight vet run...'rents,heheheh
smoochie kisses
ASTA(I still don't have your px in my guestbook, what's up?????